Aegean yacht charter. Boat rental in Aegean islands.

Discover a series of islands with amazing nature and rich history by chartering a yacht in Aegean Sea. A constant breeze and sunny weather help the journey by boat. On the islands, you will enjoy a quiet rest on the Mediterranean beach. White sand, rocks, forests, ancient buildings, and clean sea bring a sense of harmony and freedom.

Usually tourists prefer more popular routes, missing the Aegean islands. It makes them a suitable place for a relaxed holiday on a yacht. The islands are valuable for those who are actively engaged in the culture and history of Greece. Points of interest on the Aegean:

Samos is an island drowned in greenery, it is everywhere: in the mountains, and on the flats. The island was one of the central artistic places in Ancient Greece and is famous for Pythagoras appearance.

Lesvos is the center of creativity where unusual ideas were born. The island now attracts creative people from all over the globe.

Somothraki is inviting and can impress in a single walking tour.

Sporades is an attractive place for those who prefer to rest on a yacht. The islands in this region are wooded and crowded with people. Skiathos followed by Skopelos are touristy. If you prefer a secluded vacation, you should Alonnisos. It is a magnificent place as the sea pool around is recognized as the most transparent in the Mediterranean.

You can choose any type of Aegean yacht charter. It can be a simple motor boat, catamaran, sailing boat, yacht or luxury ship.

The best period to relax in Greece is the end of May or the start of autumn. You will get a comfortable air temperature, light breeze, and fewer tourists.

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