Amalfi yacht charter. Rent a boat in Amalfi,Italy

If you decide to pick Amalfi yacht charter then you will have an exciting and unforgettable vacation. You can get here in one day from another world-famous resort called Naples. Amalfi, like other places in Italy, attracts primarily wealthy people who prefer renting yachts, and celebrities.

The size of the resort zone Amalfi is more than fifty kilometers located between the areas of Sorrento and Salerno. For several decades, Amalfi has been rated as one of the extremely lovely places in Italy with incredible nature and lots of entertainment. The resort is placed on a hill, which adds to the elegance. Several dozens of unique buildings are located in the city. Walking along the ways of the resort, you see that the apartments seem to scramble to the slope of the hill, rising from the sand.

Must see on Amalfi

Positano city is a favorite place of famous artists and has a deep past. A lovely city on the seaside will delight you with wide beaches, mysterious caves, and romantic cafes that are located in the harbor.

In the capital of Amalfi, many ancient constructions and monuments of architecture are concentrated. Here you can view the Cathedral of Duomo di Amalfi that was created in the distant 6th century. The basilica has a gorgeous hall and exterior decoration. By constructing the facade of Duomo, creators were inspired by Eastern design: facade is decorated by mosaic and ornaments, and the doors to the church are made of bronze. Not far from the cathedral you can see Cloister of Paradise,built in 13th century. The church is in Arabic style with ancient sculptures of marble, mosaic and sarcophagi inside.

Ravello is on the peak of the hill 350 feet high above the ground. Ravello opens breathtaking look at the sea and the surrounding mountains and hosts a vast amount of ancient monuments. In this town, you can rest and take a break from the hurry.

To understand the charm of the Amalfi resort you have to walk along the coast. Approaching the shore on a rented boat, you will find at least a few dozen beautiful yachts moored on the beach. There is nothing more pleasant than dropping your boat and leisurely strolling along the embankment of this resort.

As in all corners of the Mediterranean, you can hire a ship on the Amalfi coast from mid-spring to mid-autumn. In August, the resort is visited by a lot of travelers, so it is better to organize a holiday for earlier or later periods. You will enjoy a pleasant air temperature, sunny weather, and a few tourists.

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