Antigua and Barbuda (ATG)

Antigua yacht charter. Rent a boat in Antigua

If you want to discover the jaw-dropping beauty and unique historical sites of the British Leeward Islands and see how drastically the pastel streetscapes of this location are enriched by designer shops and lavish restaurants, then you should definitely take an Antigua yacht charter vacation. Having once been a base for British ships, Antigua is known for its impressive culture, a great number of soft, sun-drenched sandy beaches, and unique sailing opportunities nowadays.

Things to Do in Antigua

Preserving its naval history, this is a place where the world’s only Georgian dockyard is found at the present day. Come to this location to sunbathe on one of its many warm beaches, discover its secret bays, dive and swim in bluish-green waters, and observe its enormous volcanic hills. Throughout the year, an average temperature in this location is 28°C, which reaches only 25°C in the height of the winter season. In the summertime, you can enjoy eight hours of sunshine per day and a pleasant temperature of the water that reaches around 30°C.

Yacht Charter Itinerary 

The first spot on the list is the famous Jolly Harbour Marina that is usually followed by Dickenson Bay and Barbuda. Tourists are offered to buy souvenirs and various sundries at Green Island before they visit the popular Falmouth Harbour. Antigua is known for its fabulous Baroque architecture, some of the Caribbean’s popular dive spots, a National Park, and the Captain Nelson’s dockyard that offers its visitors a truly amazing sailing experience. 

Other Places to Visit

With the Montserrat islands as well as neighboring Barbuda, St. Barts, St. Kitts, and St. Martin, you will get lots of sailing opportunities while on a visit to the island of Antigua. Unique charters make this location an exquisite destination for many tourists from different parts of the world. Leeward Islands are especially popular with many travelers due to their rich and vibrant culture. 

Renting a Yacht in Antigua

When it comes to boat rental, Antigua is the right place to visit. To have the best sailing experience ever, ask a yacht charter broker to plan your tour itinerary, considering your personal preferences and the optimal season to come to see the beauty of this picturesque holiday spot.