Australia (AUS)

Australia yacht charter: Rent a boat in Australia

When it comes to an ideal yacht charter vacation spot, there are several options attracting many tourists in Australia: the Great Barrier Reef, Pittwater, and Whitsunday Islands. The latter two, however, aren’t the only resorts on the territory that are of the same size as the continental US. Continue reading to find out more about this amazing place before hiring a yacht.

The territory of the country features a nice weather and glory which is peculiar to the South Pacific. Such features make this place one of the first world countries. Come here to enjoy its superior facilities, delicious cuisine, and spectacular landscapes. All reputable service providers specializing in yacht charters are based in Australia; therefore, there is an array of rental boats floating along the sun-soaked shores.

This place offers all possible types of vessels available for rent including motor boats, catamarans, sailboats, luxury and crewed yachts, and so forth. 

Diverse Terrain Features

This country is washed by three oceans and a sea. The Pacific Ocean and the Southern Ocean, as well as the Tasman Sea and the Indian Ocean, provide a number of exciting sailing options so that tourists can discover a wonderful coastline and enjoy a truly amazing Australia yacht charter. This resort is regarded as a good sample of contrast, with varied attractions, including tremendous deserts, valleys, hills, diverse terrain features, water basins, exuberant rainforests, and unique fauna as well as hospitable locals.

This resort has no peers and is known as the land of “Crocodile Dundee” with an array of activities which can be enjoyed off and on shore alike.

Varied Marine Living Resources

Thanks to its diverse marine life, Australia is one of the best resorts in the world. For instance, visitors come here from different corners of the earth only to discover the Great Barrier Reef which is regarded as one of the 7 wonders. This natural formation is bigger than the Great Wall.  Believe it or not, it is the only living formation which can be seen from out in space. Here, tourists are offered an array of water activities while discovering the largest coral head found elsewhere.

Observe incredible fish species, including weedy sea dragons and sea lions. In the south waters, there are many unique marine living resources as about ninety percent of marine life found in these waters cannot be observed anywhere else on the planet. 

Sailing Holidays 

The country’s coastline offers numerous environments for sailing, diving, cruising, dining, and discovering. To enjoy all of these activities to the full, charter, hire or rent a vessel. There are various yacht charter vacation options here. The most popular attractions include sandy deserts, coral heads, and rainforests. The most visited spot in the country is the Whitsunday Islands. This is a chain of seventy islands found in the central part of the Great Barrier Reef. It is known for its incredible conditions for sailing. There are more than ninety national parks on the islands. All of them feature a relatively pristine nature, which can be explored on foot. The chain includes the biggest sandy island in the world, Fraser Island, which is known for its amazing bird sanctuary.

On shore, the chain is home to a host of world-class sailing resorts. These spots give tourists a fair opportunity to marvel at both the beauty of tropical nature and the pure luxury of yacht charters.

Hawkesbury or Pittwater are definitely worth your attention. Here, you can combine exciting sailing with on-land attractions in Sydney such as many shops, the opera house, live shows, the finest food venues, and adventurous nightlife.

Overall, the diverse terrain features of the country with varied flora and fauna are a sought-after tourist attraction. Here, visitors can experience the combination of the beauty of the tropical nature and the resort’s luxury alike. Queensland is a number one choice for those cruising aboard a superyacht or a luxury boat. In Whitsundays, there are incredible beach resorts. People come here to relax under the sun, visit heritage sights, and discover the secrets of the Great Barrier Reef.  Australia features a perfect ecosystem, which is a home to many unique animals. It is no surprise that this place attracts many tourists from different corners of the world.