Bahamas (BHS)

Yacht charter Bahamas. Rent a boat in Bahamas Islands

If you want to have a good holiday in the Caribbean, then you should definitely consider the Bahamas yacht charter spot. This place has lovely, sun-soaked beaches, shoals with warm water, and hospitable locals.  The Bahamian chain is comprised of more than seven hundred islands and a huge number of shallow waters to discover and is surrounded by a great barrier reef. The massive reef system provides well over a hundred miles of relaxed cruising around the Sea of Abaco, which is considered as one of the safest ones. With its natural beauty, this place boasts many yachts, which sometimes come from different corners of the earth.

The chain begins with the district of Bimini and stretches to the Turks, a half of a thousand miles southwestward. This vacation spot lies within easy reach for tourists from America and Europe alike. Nowadays, the resort is extremely popular with superyachts, whether they are rented or private ones.  In the early days, this area was popular with reckless sea reavers searching for a perfect place to stash their plunder in the many quiet anchorages. Little has changed since those times and the islands still offer their visitors an exceptional sailing experience with their warm, azure waters and gentle breezes.

Excellent Conditions for Cruising

This vacation destination is known for its exceptional sailing conditions and the shoals, where tourists can observe the beauty of marine life.  The resort boasts of numerous cays which always attract many yacht charter enthusiasts. The chain is also home to a number of barrier reefs made from corals thousands of years ago. These structures protect the islands from intense waves and serve as home to an array of small fish species. From here, tourists can cruise for around a hundred miles straight to the Abaco Sea.

The chain begins with Bimini, located forty-five miles away from Miami. Then it stretches to the Turks on the distance of five hundred kilometers. This holiday spot is easy to reach from the US coast. Moreover, tourists from Europe can also get to this spot easily. As said earlier, the cluster is made up of more than seven hundred islands and features well over two thousand cays. The resort offers its visitors lots of things to do and see. One can enjoy deep sea fishing or take a Nassau tour. One can also visit Bay Street with its numerous outlets or have an adventurous night at a betting house. 

Catamarans for Rent

This place features some of the best sun-soaked beaches and pleasant waters found anywhere else on the planet. However, not everyone may like the fact that some of these waters are relatively shallow. Because of that larger boats have to be anchored far away from the shore or in particular areas only. This makes shallow-draught vessels a better choice when it comes to renting a yacht for a charter. Therefore, catamarans are so popular in the location. You can also rent a motor boat. It will be a good choice for chartering here as well.  Nevertheless, there are larger vessels such as superyachts sailing here regularly.  

Onshore Attractions 

Originally, the Islands were settled by the Arawak tribe. Up to now, the locals are well known for their hospitality. Except for having a yacht charter, you can also visit lots of interesting on-land places, including the Sunbury Plantation House and Mount Gay Rum Distillery. Visit the latter to get an opportunity to taste some of the most popular drinks on the islands. 

Barbados is a must-see place for nature lovers. Here, tourists can discover the beauty of the Harrison’s Cave, which is considered as a natural phenomenon with its terrific stalactites hanging from the ceilings and crystal-clear waters falling into the emerald-green pools. In Orchid World, the wandering paths are planted with different species of orchids. At Andromeda Gardens, there are some of the rarest heliconias, tropical ferns, and cacti on the islands. At Whim Gully, one can observe the bearded fig tree, which is believed to give the cluster its name.

Must-Visit Places

The capital town of Nassau is a number one choice for those who are fond of action and adventurous nightlife with numerous chic food venues, glamorous betting houses, and fine hotels in the area. This town is a great yacht charter spot with its perfect beaches, the popular resort of Atlantis, and marina.

Two bridges on Paradise Island connect it with New Providence. Eleuthera is a one hundred long, narrow island that features famous pineapple plantations. It is also a famous bareboat yacht charter spot, which has tremendous cliffs and features an atmosphere of an ancient civilization. Nearby, there is Harbour Island, which is known for its Georgian architecture and excellent fishing opportunities. On the southeastern part of Eleuthera, there is Cat Island. With more than three hundred cays, the Exumas is regarded by many tourists as a sailing capital of the Bahamas.

Here visitors can rent any type of vessels, including motor boats, catamarans and sailing yachts. The great thing about the Islands is that tourists can have good holidays here all year round.

More Info

The Bahamas are comprised of a host of small islands, which are an important part of the sailing itinerary in the Caribbean. They attract tourists from all over the world and pull them to rent vessels and enjoy their amazing holidays. The area is considered a friendly tourist destination, which lies only a hundred kilometers from Florida. Therefore, every year, thousands of Americans come here to marvel at the island’s natural beauty. This place features a relatively nice weather throughout the year, which is one of the many reasons why you should come here on your holiday.

Ecosystem of the Region

The reasons for Bahamas’ fame are white sandy beaches and a pristine ocean with many shoals, where you will be able to see an ocean bed. The spot is believed to be a pure ecological oasis as locals here are involved in preserving the region’s ecosystem. The chain of islands has countless tour packages ranging from one to several days. Bigger packages offer many relaxation opportunities and tourist attractions. Bahamas are known for their numerous amazing hotels built right on the beaches with modern amenities and a marvelous view from the windows.