Barbados (BRB)

Barbados Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Barbados

Barbados yacht charters

Barbados shines like a golden speck in the dazzling Caribbean, and despite its small size it is one of the most developed Caribbean island. Although Barbados offers stunning beaches, there is much more about Barbados beyond the thrills of sea, sun, and surf.

Why Barbados is worth visiting:

  • Stalagmite Caves
  • Vibrant Nightlife
  • Wild Monkeys
  • Sugar Cane Fields
  • Rum Distilleries
  • Untouched Beaches
  • Charming Locals

Passionate, sophisticated, and blissful, Barbados exudes a special energy that envelops each visitor in an orb of sheer delight. All locals are friendly, so guests will be enchanted by this heart-warming destination. Barbados is well-known as a ‘little piece of England’, which implies the presence of traditional English entertainment from watching a cricket match to an afternoon tea.

This charismatic island is heaven where you can leave the stresses of your everyday life and explore a vibrant culture, full of life and passionate in spirit, where the slow-paced local shave mastered the art of finding pleasures in living. Barbados emanates a seductive and sultry ambience, which is why visitors have named Barbados Paradise Island.

Eventful past and colorful culture of Barbados are steeped in colonial history. West Indian, English, and African roots are important parts of the islands traditions; remnants of colonialism, cuisine and values linger with colonial plantations and houses, which date back to the 17-th century. The center of Barbados is brimming with tropical scenery from untouched white-sandy beaches framed by rock formations to rolling terrains of hills. Settle into the relaxing rhythm of the islanders’ life and succumb to the unique taste of the West Indies. Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados and it is the heart of the island, you definitely should visit it during yacht charter to Barbados. The Careenage is the focal point of Bridgetown that is surrounding by old buildings which are located on the edge of the water. If you are a cricket enthusiast, then visit the Kensington Oval, which is famous cricket ground in the Caribbean. To the South of Kensington Oval, you find a perfect location for wreck-diving (Carlisle Bay).

Barbados offers many activities including hiking, diving, dancing, and windsurfing, as well as boasting one of the most varied and beautiful sights in the Caribbean. Go to Harrisons’ Cave, where you can gaze at the glorious dripping stalagmites and breathtaking waterfalls. The wild green monkeys in Welchman Haii Gully are also worth visiting. Famous as the rum capital of the world, a visit to this place wouldn`t be complete without tasting the famous rum and taking a tour to the Mount Gay distillery.