Belize (BLZ)

Belize Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Belize

Belize yacht charter

Unspoiled by tourists and less crowded than many other places in the Caribbean, Belize is an unforgettable place that is similar to the cruising areas of the South Pacific. Famous for world-class scuba diving and snorkeling, unparalleled natural beauty, and superior chartering, a Belize cruising vacation offers an awe-inspiring experience.

Belize is a country in northern part of America that is a bit larger than Massachusetts. In the western direction of Belize is Guatemala and in the northern direction of Belize is Mexico. The most remarkable feature that makes this destination perfect for a Belize cruise is the Mesoamerican Reef. Mesoamerican Reef stretches approximately 350 miles and shelters more than 400 cays and islands; only Great Barrier Reef in Aurelia is larger. There are many additional reefs that include at least 50 species of soft and hard coral. Whale sharks, manatees, and more than 500 species of exotic fish live in these waters. Also, all manner of seabirds are in abundance, including the Brown Booby and the Magnificent Frigate.

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Belize guarantees balmy easterly trade winds (between 15-22 knots), which are perfect for a wonderful cruising experience in calm, clear waters tucked behind reefs and cays. The navigation is mostly easy and passages are short. Heeding the chart and plotting courses is advised due to the presence of reefs. Measuring the depths based on color and keeping an attentive bow watch is also important because of seasonal fluctuations in sand bars. A Belize yacht charter is safe due to the presence of captains who are high-skilled in coastal navigation. The unique and beautiful character of these waters attracts experienced charterers because of many opportunities for diving and snorkeling. Temperature ranges between 74°F and 84°F.

Each cruising vacation depends on your onboard experience, availability of landmarks, and accessibility of scuba diving and snorkeling. In Belize, you will find all you need and even more. Restaurants on the cays deserve your special attention, where you can taste delicious culinary masterpieces. Many guests prolong vacation to include an excursion to the Great Blue Hole that is a geological wonder situated at Lighthouse Reef or tours to the Mayan ruins inland.