Bodrum yacht charter. Rent a boat in Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum is the heaven for those who desire to enjoy the picturesque nature and bright, funny nightlife. This seaside resort is a perfect place for those who prefer Bodrum yachting or just toast on the beach.

Luxury yacht charter in Bodrum is an ideal offer to spend a romantic getaway, enjoying the beauties of the sea shore: you can rent a gulet in Bodrum or just rent a boat for fishing.

In ancient times, this city had the other name – Halicarnassos and was the main reason for wars, because Bodrum is situated between the eastern and western harbors. Beautiful narrow streets and castles are ready to share their centuries-old history.

Historical Facts

Bodrum has an advantageous location and experienced many invasions. For Caria civilization, Bodrum was deemed to be the city of prime importance. Famous ancient  persons of Bodrum Herodotus, Artemisia 1, Sherpas, and Leachares.

Bodrum was controlled by civilizations like Macedonians, Byzantines, Persians and Roman Empire and became a Turkish city after a well-known Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent conquered it. Since that moment, the city belonged to the territory of Ottoman Empire.

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