Brac yacht charter: rent a boat in Brac, Croatia

If you are looking at the Dalmatian isles as your next holiday destination point, consider visiting Brac – it is the biggest entity of the group and it has a lot offer in terms of entertainment and sightseeing. Aside from archeological findings, that are exceptionally rich in this area, there are also beautiful resorts, clear waters and delicious food for the visitors to enjoy. The local are friendly and always eager to help you – at a reasonable price. There are lots of vessels stationed around this particular locations, including some luxurious superyachts.

The island has beautiful natural formations that were carved by the sea and winds for centuries. It is also rich in minerals and stone – the architects have used it for construction purposes ever since the ancient times. Complex buildings along the Adriatic shore were built with materials mined at Brac and they still preserve their beauty after centuries.

The most populated town here is called Supetar. The place has everything a tourist might need for a perfect vacation – a choice of cafes, resorts as well as sightseeing places with churches and museums. Some of them were built back in the 18th century and are still functional! For those visitors who would like to see buildings erected at the very dawn of the second millennial there are churches built by the first Christians of the Roman empire. If you are acquainted with the works of Ivan Rendic, the famous artist who worked in the late 19th and beginning of the 20th century, you should consider visiting the gallery devoted to his masterpieces. Among other points of interest you will find the Petrinovics mausoleum – a majestic monument to the glory of this influential family.

Another settlement you have to visit after Supetar is Bol – a popular tourist location that attracts visitors with magnificent gravel and white sand beaches. It boasts over 6 miles of coastline with some lovely views and crystal clear waters that attract yacht enthusiasts from around the world. If you are a fan of medieval architecture, take your time to enjoy the view of the fortress that used to be the royal guard’s stand overlooking the island. Decades of warfare have not reduced it to dust and nowadays the solid walls still bare the traces of past conflicts.

Let’s move on to Pucisca – another town that lies on the shores of Adriatic within reach of a charter yacht. The Mediterranean nature blooms in full color here. It is also a home to restaurants with delicious Croatian cuisine complemented by the most aromatic wine. Of course, you’ll also find churches and other points of interest here as well as a range of historical monuments. It would also be wrong to assume that the place is stripped of opportunities for active pastime – the annual music festival here attracts hundreds of fans eager to see the most prominent artists on the stage.

With a great variety of places to see and events to participate in, the Brac Yacht Charter is a great opportunity for a relaxing holiday to refresh your mind and shake off the stress. Set sails for Croatian shore and prepare for a once in a lifetime experience!

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