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Cape Verdean Islands is a well-known tourist destination, which many people choose as an ideal place for their holidays. It is a very popular tourist destination that people choose for spending their vacation. Cape Verdean Islands is perfect for charters with your friends or with your family.

It was a Portuguese colony, but everything has changed in 1975.The islands are of volcanic origin. Also, some islands are bare (Boavista and Sal) with miles of beaches, while other islands are green and mountainous and have a unique flora and fauna, such as Brava and Santo Antao.

All You Need to Know About Cape Verde Archipelago

It is located in the West part of Africa, in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago is still unspoiled by tourism. There are a lot of opportunities for hiking and diving. The culture and atmosphere have a unique character. The influence of Mediterranean, Portuguese, and African cultures is perfectly combined in this place. Cape Verde consists of 10 islands, 8 of which are volcanic.

Cape Verde Archipelago is divided into 2 groups. The southern part consists of the Santiago, Fogo, Brava, and Maio islands. The northern part includes Santa Lucia, Sao Nicolau, Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Boavista, and Sal. The capital of the Cape Verde is Praia, which is situated on São Tiago that is the largest island. Praia is a nice city with a center that lies on a rock plateau (Plato). There are 2 beaches in the western of the city: Praia Quebra – Canela and Praia Mar.

10 km west of Praia, you can visit Cidade Velhathe, the 1-st place of settling by the Portuguese. Also, Fort Real de Sao Felipe is absolutely worth seeing. 12 km inland Sao Tiago is São Domingo village, where you can buy craft products. Tarrafal is a northern town that is famous for its beautiful beaches.

Brava is a small inhabited island, which is popular among rock climbers because of the variety of mountains. It`s beautiful scenery and landscapes will captivate anyone. São Vicente is the 2ndlargest Island in the colonial city of Mindelo that is known as the busiest city in Cape Verde mainly because of the busy harbor and a lot of discotheques and pubs.

North of the São Vicente is Santo Antão, the greenest island with many trees. Walkers like this island for its lush vegetation, hills, and mountain Ribera Grande. If you want to climb you should take an experienced guide. The descent and ascent will take a full day.


Despite the fact that tourism isn`t always well-established, the locals are friendly. However, often times the people in the service industry don`t speak foreign languages. The Cape Verdean music will leave an unforgettable trace on your soul.


The geographical location of the archipelago guarantees a wonderful climate. Temperature ranges from twenty-four degrees in January to thirty degrees in July. In the period from August to November, a big rainfall is possible. Cape Verde doesn’t have tropical storms. Also, a constant breeze is well-suited for windsurfers.