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Cartago Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Cartago, Tunisia

The ancient Mediterranean civilizations (Phoenicians, Arabs, and Romans) considered Tunisia as the ""center access"" to the nearby sea, and have left for contemporaries a wide range of historical monuments that cannot be found anywhere else. The Cartago and Rome war is a well-known event for the west civilization. After the war, the Roman Empire expanded over the entire world after the conquest of this town in Africa, which was completely destroyed.

In our days, Tunisian shoreline is a leading place for the international tourism thanks to both European investments and its strategic position, which have allowed the erection of modern holiday marinas and resorts, as well asreconstructionof existing historical facilities and buildings. The charter activity iswell-established, and chartering operators that are located in the main ports of the country offer many options for choosing a perfect boat. However, it's easy to get to Tunisia from the Pelagicislands and Sicily channel. Crossing Sicily takes just a few hours, and Pantelleria Island is situated right off the Tunisian shore.

If you are looking for an example of strategic location in Tunisia than SidiBou Said is the best choice. The village with the modern tourist facilities and traditional Mediterranean architecture, which are masterfully mixed together, is known as the Tunisian Sant Tropez with characteristic white houses that have turquoiserailings and windows. Opposite the houses, saturated green trees create an amazing landscape. During your journey, you will have a tempting opportunity to taste the delicious Turkish coffee at the traditional and famous “Mat CafF,” while berthing onboard a luxury modern marina. This place is conveniently located for a tour to Tunis and Carthagòs ruins.

If you are an obsessed yachtsman than you will be attracted by the La Galite Island with its beautiful white beaches, which is a Mediterranean fauna oasis: the Monk Seal and the rare Pharaoh Sarago can be found here. Placed forty miles off the Tunisian shore, the archipelagowasa coral fishing colony (in the 50's), while today it is occupied by a military facility. Excellent sources of fresh water are located at La Galite. Because of the military presence you will have only a few days for transit, but it will be sufficient for fishingthe lobsters found here. You can reach the archipelago from Biserta, where marina has200 berths. A good alternative is Tabarka port with a beautiful castle overlooking it. There are more than 100 berths.

If you are looking for a fascinatingholiday, than steer eastbound and start your trip from La Goulette port, Tunis. Here a Yacht Club and 150 berthsare available; also, Tunis is easily reachable.

Keliba and SidiDaud ports, mainly occupied by fishing vessels, are situated on the Tunisianpeninsula’s end. SidiDaudis a tuna-fishing site. These 2 facilities are veryflamboyantplaces but nevertheless they aren`t suitable for large luxury yachts, which should go south of Bon cape. In Bon capelanding is at El Kantaui with its 160 berths and 3.5 meters water depth.

Located not far from Hammamet, BeniKhiar port has a draught limitof 2.5 m, so only daylight landing is recommended. A tour to Hammamet is absolutely worth a visit because it is the most famous tourist centeron the North African coast: from Maupassiant to Flaubert, including Wiston Curchill and Oscar Wildeand, most recently, Sophia Loren and Francoise Sagan, have all been charmed by the beauty of this town.The tourist resorts on the coast and the classical fortressbuilt in the 15-th centuryperfectly fit the surrounding environment.

You will find a new boating style in El Kantaoui. The nearby Sousse town has a port,mainly used for fishing, and wonderful natural scenario. This town was built by Phoenicians and then conquered by Romans; during Emperor Traiano rule it was known as ""the fertile town."" The Byzantine and Vandalrules were replaced by the Arabs, they built herethe famous Kasbahs and the Big Mosque. The town is overlooked by the old Khalaf Al Fata tower and surrounded by walls. On the top of tower you can enjoy an amazing view of the endless sea.

Monastir is located at the Hammamet gulf. It was a fortress that was built for preventing sea invasions. There are several rules,which remained after a lapse of so many centuries, including theRoman, Spanish, Turkish, and Punic. Few days spent in Monastir will be enough to enterparadise. According to the legend, Mohammed stated that there is the door to the real paradiseat the Monastir in the Hammamet gulf. However, Monastir is a paradise for yachtsmen because of its 400 berths, characteristicstores and alleys, and perfect climate. In Augustthe International Folklorist Festival takes place here. Mahdia port is situated just fifty miles from Lampedusa, where you will find 610 berths.