Corfu yacht charter: rent a boat in Corfu, Greece

Corfu Island is placed in the westerly direction of Greece and east of Italy. This land used to be ""Seven Islands,"" but Corfu is a pair of large and several small islands. Corfu is very green and boasts a wonderful nature. Corfu yacht charter will be an excellent holiday with unforgettable experience.

The land perfectly combines large beaches, thick forests, calm sea and breeze. Here you can easily moor the boat and leave it for a several of days. Nearby Corfu, you will feel a special Mediterranean flavor. Routes along Corfu are recognized as the easiest, where advanced navigation is not required.

In the region a special Mediterranean climate prevails. In summer it is sultry without raining. In winter, the weather is wet and warm. Temperatures during the year range from 12 to 30 degrees Celsius. 

Corfu has twelve small satellite islands, including beautiful Matraki and Ottoni.

There are various ancient structures several hundred years old. Former ancient city Palaiopolis is worth the attendance. 

If you rest on the boat, you can view the Virgin Mary. It was made in the 16th era and is placed in Panagia. Ancient palace of St. George is also interesting. Corfu boasts museums if Asian and Christian art and a vast library.

There are 2 marinas on the Corfu and an airport with established domestic and global connections. The city is 15 minutes ride from the terminal. The most famous resort is Marina Gouvia.

Corfu is one of the most appropriate places to relax on a yacht. Here you can fully feel what a Mediterranean holiday is, and you will surely want to come here again.

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