Dodecanese yacht charter. Boat rental in Dodecanese Islands

Among the numerous lands that are in the area of Greece, Dodecanese is one of the exciting regions to relax on a yacht. Territorially the islands are near the Turkish seaboard; the western sector of the land nears to Crete. This place is ideal for resting on a large yacht or small boat. Holidays on a yacht near the Dodecanese islands are unforgettable: fantastic landscapes, a transparent turquoise sea, and lush greens. The network of islands is less known among tourists than the Cyclades and other regions in Greece, so the Dodecanese is a magnificent area to relax on a rented yacht.

Historical Facts

Dodecanese islands got their modern name in 1900’s. Back then 12 small islands (apart from the large Rhodes) actively protested against the deprivation of their rights and special tax status given in 1700. 

Like plenty of modern islands, the Dodecanese was a mountain. Due to flooding, the network of islands looks like mountain peaks. All the ancient mountains near the Aegean Sea are now Crete, Cyclades, lkarias and Samos. These lands are interesting to visit during a cruise on a motor boat or sailing yacht.

The Dodecanese consist of twelve small islands placed at the southern point in the Sporades. In addition to the larger islands, the group includes more than 40 small lands and small cliffs.

Dodecanese yacht charter often starts from Kos or Rhodes, where north wind prevails. You can also hire a boat on Samos in the north and Paros on the west.

For a long time, the Dodecanese islands were an area of Byzantium. Only after several centuries, in the middle of the period of Turkish rule, they were granted autonomy status and government. 

All islands have amazing nature: dense forests of pine, olive, cypress and cedar. You may often find strawberry bushes and mastic over the road. The islands have long-term specialization on growing various plants for spices, for example oregano. There are also olive and carob plantations. 

The Islands stay away from the continent, which makes the flora and fauna unique: you have a chance to see exotic endangered species. 

Rare species of birds actively settle in numerous caves, empty bays, and high cliffs: herons, wild pigeons, and gannets. 

Meltemi is a well-known strong dry wind that blows in the north direction from mid-summer to mid-autumn. Especially strong gusts of the wind are in July and September. During these months, the wind reaches 7 points on the Beaufort, so consider this while mapping a route. In May, the wind weakly blows to the south eastern direction. 

In strong winds period, especially in the middle and late summer, torrential rains happen, while the wind may be completely absent. Summer peak temperature is 35 degrees.

The Islands

  • Agathonisi — is the most northern with vast beaches and deserted bays. 
  • Astypalia — is also called the Island of Pisces because they often fish here. It is composed of two parts, which are connected by a platform.
  • Halki — is the island similar to the popular Rhodes and is excellent for those who prefer a quiet holiday.
  • Kalimnos — is known for wide beaches with golden sand, fantastic landscapes and locals who honor their traditions.
  • Kassos — is the land on the south located in the instant vicinity of Crete.
  • Megisti — is a small island with a rich history located in the east. This island is the outside ring of the Dodecanese, and its name means «maxima»
  • Kos — is the land occupied by greenery, where the settlement is located along a large bay.
  • Leros — is the mountain island and has several deep bays where luxuriant vegetation blooms. It is an ordinary island with picturesque spaces and endless beaches.
  • Lipsi — is a tiny island with unforgettable beaches. Taverns offer sea fish and homemade wine.
  • Nisyros — has unique volcanic soil, lots of greenery, and neat little houses of locals.
  • Patmos — is also called Jerusalem with nothing but deserted rocks and gulls.
  • Symi — is the primary part of the island coated with rocks, but the southern side boasts amazing landscapes with fruit and mulberry trees.
  • Tilos — has wide white beaches with several sources of fresh water.
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