Fethiye yacht charter. Rent a boat in Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye is subdivided into two parts: one contains several Turkish hotels of VIP class, offering an expensive and luxury service, while the other one is a small bay, comprising approximately 50 hotels, suiting every taste and budget. This resort is deemed to be the most significant tourism center in Turkey and it is famous for its historical heritage.

Except for beautiful sea beaches, tourists can enjoy picturesque view of pine forests. To see all nature beauties of this incredible resort, you just need to rent a yacht charter in Fethiye as it is the most convenient method to have a perfect vacation here.

Historical Facts

Fethiye is a famous modern town which can offer lots of opportunities to its visitors., but years ago the city had the other name – Telmessos. Unfortunately, the information about how this resort was formed is not kept, but we know that for many years this city was independent. The situation has changed when Persia conquered Telmessos. 

Climate Conditions

Summers are very hot here as temperature may rise to 30 degrees. This period is the best. In winter, the temperature is approximately 10 degrees. This period is not good for swimming, but still, there are lots of other activities. You can rent a gulet charter in Fethiye and see picturesque views of this resort with your own eyes.

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