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Finland Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Finland

Yacht charters in Finland

You can always count on excellent sailing in Finland because yacht chartering is a mega industry in this country just like it is in the Caribbean or in the Med. However, the fleet of the biggest charter company in Finland would barely fill a pier in one of many charter marinas of the world. This is precisely what makes yacht charters in Finland something unique and special. If you want to compete with other charter boats, then Finland isn`t your destination. However, if you want to discover a wonderful archipelago, sheltered waters, and mostly light winds, have the sunset and that lovely cove just for yourself and mostly meet local sailors in their marinas, then you should probably think about a vacation in Finland.

Sailing season in Finland is shorter than you might like. The local boaters start the season only in May or early June. The high season begins a few weeks later and is accompanied by the midsummer celebrations. It ends quite abruptly in the second half of July; also, in this period the local holiday ends. Anyway, August and September offer pretty good sailing conditions. Marinas and other services close down in the early September, so September sailing is mainly for those who prefer solitude.

Our boat charters are tuned to the needs of visitors. Finnish customers mostly come in July, but the busiest chartering season is in June. Otherwise, the end of June is a great time for yacht charter in Finland because all boating services and tourists are in full swing while the high season hasn`t yet started. The one and only drawback of June is rather cool waters. So, if you will decide to come in June than prepare some warm clothes.

Charter customers begin to start booking in the second half of autumn so planning ahead is rational. All charter fleets have a few boats of all common types so if you prefer specific boat parameters then early booking is highly recommended.

August is quiet for chartering. While the Mediterranean suffers from almost unbearable heat, Finland can offer very comfortable temperatures, especially for late summer weather that was named as an “Indian Summer.” The crowds of visitors are gone in August so you will have boundless sea space and no queuing anywhere. Thus, if you have a vacation in August and don`t like temperatures above 30 C and huge crowds of tourists, then yacht charter in Finland is, by all means, something to look into!

Most charter customers are aware of the navigational challenges in the waters of Finland, so the question about the complexity level of navigating in Finland is a major one. We recommend having at least two members onboard with previous sailing experience. Waters of Finland typically require one person navigating and another person at the helm, while the rest can enjoy the scenery of the country.

The second most common question concerns route recommendations. Each charter company is strategically placed near excellent sailing grounds. So you can just select your route according to weather or local landmarks.