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Located directly on the equator, the Galapagos Islands are about 1,000 km west of mainland Ecuador. The total land mass is 7,882 sqr. km, including 13 major islands and a lot of smaller islands that are scattered on 50,000 sqr. km of the Pacific Ocean. Despite the fact that Cocos Island (in the north of Galapagos) is accessible only after a 38-hour ride on a boat, the Galapagos Islands are 1.5 hours from the coast on an airplane.

Wildlife is the main attraction of Galapagos. Due to the preponderance of bird, marine, and reptile species with only few predators and the isolation from the mainland, new species have evolved and created a unique fauna on different islands. The analysis of this fact played an important role in formulation of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which is described in Origin of Species' that was written after his visit to Galapagos in 1835. So, the most noteworthy Galapagos feature is the lack of fear that can be shown by the wildlife.

Nowadays most of the islands are the territory of the National Park, where the number of one-time visitors is limited. Access is allowed only in the marked zones and all groups of visitors must be accompanied by an experienced guide. However, all this will not have an effect onyour experience of the variety and richness of the nature. Future preservation of the National Park depends on the financial support made by the 40 000-50 000 annual visitors.

These islands are equally spectacular both under and above water. There are warm currents from the Pacific and cold ones from Antarctica, which is the cause of the variety of the marine life. Fifty endemic fish species include eagle rays, bonitos, barracudas, open water jacks, scalloped hammerhead sharks, and many other tropical species. Because of the cold water and strong currents, diving should be attempted by very experienced divers. For this reason, we highly recommend you to take specific diving cruises, where yachts include necessary apparatus and tanks. Such cruises include diving twice a day and occasional land visits.

The currency of Ecuador and Galapagos is the US dollar, so it is important to have clean dollars bills, particularly a stack of small dollar bills fortaxis, tips, and other small expenses. We recommend you to take either cash, because there is a universal 10%-charge on any credit card payments.