Germany (DEU)

Germany Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Germany

Germany is well-known as the country with the best luxury yacht building industry and super yacht charter industry. Germany creates some of the best quality and largest private luxury yachts. Furthermore, in recent years there has been an increasing interest from yacht charterers on cursing Scandinavia, Germany, and the Baltic Sea.

Main yachting areas for a German yacht charter

The most popular destination in Germany is Heiligenhafen that is located in Schleswig-Holstein in the Baltic Sea. It has a lot of historic landmarks, diverse outdoor activities, sunny climate, amazing dining experience, and effervescent festivals. Its port city boasts a wide selection if exciting outdoor activities and attractions, which are mainly located on water. Heiligenhafenis in a close proximity to Sweden’s border, near the southwestern side of Fehmarn. Such a good location in the southern part of the Baltic gives you a chance to enjoy a relatively mild weather in any season.

The small and idyllic town of Breege has become the most important and popular holiday destination on the biggest island in Germany, Rugen. Yacht charter enthusiasts and seasoned sailors regularly visit Breege to discover and explore the numerous coves and inlets in its surrounding waters. Breege is the perfect destination for yachting enthusiasts and sailors, who want to enjoy and explore a wide range of sea`s entertainments in the region, where clear salt water of the Baltic Sea combines with freshwater.

Flensburg is situated in the north of Germany, and it borders with Denmark. Its bustling and modern marina boats are in the best condition, making it a perfect destination for tourists who are looking for popular resorts and attractions on board luxury yachts and super yachts. The attractiveness of the port is that it is a short distance from the city`s center district.

Kiel is an important maritime center, which is located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and is also a well-known yacht charter destination in Germany. The thriving port city is ninety km off the northern part of Harmburg and it lies in the southeastern part of the Cimbrian peninsula near the southwest of the Baltic. It is renowned for many sailing annual regattas, including the Kiel Week Festival that is one of the most grandiose sailing competitions in the world. Kiel is an important yacht charter destination that can be likely included in an itinerary of your holiday.

The therapeutic baths in Laboe, Germany, draws a significant number of visitors, predominantly during summer. Laboe is famous for its submarine and navy monument, which are incredibly beautiful.

Fehmarn lies in the region of Ostholstein that is the northern part of Germany, and it is the country’s fourth-largest island. Fehmarn has a link to main land Germany, which is known as the Fehmarn Bridge. The Fehmarn Bridgeis an important attraction for yachting enthusiasts and tourists who visit this town every year. Its impressive infrastructure is considered as one of the most marvelous engineering feats in Germany.

Yacht charter in Germany

Germany is the second largest nation and the economic center of Europe with the highest population. So it is quite logical that it is one of the favorite tourist destinations during their vacation on a charter yacht.

Germany is situated in the central part of Europe and considered as an important center for economic, cultural, and political affairs in the European continent. Also, Germany is a yacht charter destination with a sustainable development and environment-friendly position as well as other ways for protection of the environment like the adoption of biodiversity, recycling, and low emission standards.

Vacation on charter yacht in Germany

With its numerous lakes and coastal waters, Germany offers possibilities for yacht charter; this country is the perfect destination for seasoned sailors who want to explore all the delights of the open sea. Besides, Germany is the one tourist center that can be named a sailor’s dream vacation destination. Important yacht charter spots include the Fehmarn Island, Kiel Bay, and Mecklenburg Lake.

The coast of Northern Germany is washed by the waters of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, which are connected by the Kiel Canal. The northern part of Germany offers tourists and yachting enthusiasts the best sailing opportunities. So, if you would like to explore important destinations and popular attractions, then Germany was created for this purpose. Seasoned sailors and mainstream tourists prefer this country because of its pristine beaches and warm climate.

Traditional beach destinations also include Heiligendamm that ranks as the first beach resort in Germany. Heiligendamm was established by a Mecklenburg Duke in the 18th century. German lakes, rivers, and coastline give sailors a great variety of sailing options. The ideal conditions in Germany help yacht charter aficionados to experience and explore the charm and splendor of this place from different perspectives.

Important destinations and popular attractions in Germany

Germany has a rich past, natural treasures, and vast cultural heritage. For this reason, a significant number of visitors spend their vacation within its territory every year. Despite the fact that Germany is a standard continental tourist center, it still has many things to offer that will surprise even the most experienced sailors. Perfect yachting areas include the rivers of Rhein, Main, Mosel, Danube, Neckar, and Elbe. Also, popular yachting destinations include coastal regions along Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommem.

Your yacht charter vacation in Germany must include popular tourist centers as Bremen, which is an old harbor town, Helgoland with its beautiful famed red cliffs, as well as Oldenburg, Rügen, Fehmarn, Lübeck, and Hamburg. You will surely discover something new about Germany every time you visit it.