Gibraltar (GIB)

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Gibraltar is an overseas territory inthe Great Britain that is situated on the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula in close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. The total area of the Peninsula is about 6,843 square miles. Also, it has the city of Andalusia in the north. The most famous landmark is the rock of Gibraltar. Gibraltar is well-known as the Rock or Gib. Other names of Gibraltar are referred to as Bay of Gibraltar, Strait of Gibraltar, and the Rock of Gibraltar.

Nowadays, there are several luxury superyachts the route of which can pass through Gibraltar. The picturesque Spanish hinterland and a town of La Linea de la Concepcion are on the Spanish side of the territory. The shoreline here is about twelve kilometers long. You can travel to any of the 2 coasts of Gibraltar. On the eastern coast, you may visit the Catalan Bay and Sandy Bay settlements. The majority of locals live in the west.

Gibraltar Roc

The well-known Gibraltar rock was made from limestonewhich was formed during the Jurassic period. The abundancy oftunneled roads will make your inland trip more comfortable. We recommend you to visit the Barbary Macaques and Gibraltar Monkeys, which are considered as the top tourist landmarksin Gibraltar. There are over five hundreds different types of flowers in the Gibraltar region. Also, you may see the unique species of plant that grow only in Gibraltar. The pine and olive trees are quite common here. Besides, you can go formountain biking and nature trails in these regions.

Nature Reserve

There are about 230 Barbary Macaques in the nature reserve. Also, you can go forwhale and dolphin watching in the Bay. Other mammals include rabbits, foxes, and bats. During your yacht charter trip, you will be able to see many migratory birds. The Barbary Partridges dwell only in Europe. Yacht charter tourism is a prominent industry in the region. Gibraltar is a famous port forcruise ships as well as luxury yachts and super yachts. There, you can rent a large superyacht marinawhich includes bothsailing yachts and motor yachts. Gibraltar is a beautiful place that mingles the present, the future, and the past.

You can discover many things in Gibraltar. Visit the Cradle of History, which is a rock-form monument that shows various ancient civilizations. The skull of a Neanderthal was inside this rock. During the day, it is a good idea to visitthe Alameda Botanical gardens. And during the trip on the charter yacht in Gibraltar, go tothe Catalan Bay.

Gibraltar is one of the fewVAT-freedestinations for holiday in Europe, so it offers a wide range of tax-free goods.

Gibraltar offers a full range of options for tourists: marine activities, dolphin and whale watching, and a trip to the great Gibraltar Rock. There are many other places to see like bays and natural attractions. Many species ofbirds, animals, and plantswill amaze you with their diversity and unusualness. Lighthouseson the shore are also worth a visit. You can climb on them to enjoy a beautiful view of the strait.