Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (VCT)

Grenadines yacht charter: rent a boat in the Grenadines

The Grenadines yacht charter spot is one of the best Caribbean holiday spots with thirty-two islands and shoals under the authority of St. Vincent. This place is popular with both beginners and advanced charterers alike. 

Sailing enthusiasts come here to cruise around the incredible landscapes along the quiet anchorages and vibrant rural scenery. Follow dolphins and flying fish to make the way across the waves. Grenadines have everything from the busy seafront of Port Elizabeth to the enticing beauty of the Tobago Cays’ nature.

The islands are known for their exuberant tropical forests rising on the tremendous volcanic backdrop. Except for an exquisite sailing experience, this place offers great opportunities for diving. The Saint Vincent yacht charter resort is a perfect place to have a good vacation.

This place is located between the Saint Lucia and Barbados, which is a bit over one and a half thousand miles to the southeast of Miami. The Islands of Grenadines comprise the Lesser Antilles chain. On its one side, there is the Caribbean Sea, while the other is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. 

While on a visit to this yacht charter spot, take your time to discover the islands. Most of them are inhabited; however, there are spots which serve only as bird sanctuaries.

Must-Visit Places

International visitors coming to Mustique admire its nice weather and privacy that the island offers them. There are whimsical villages and terrific estates own by famous people scattered all over around. Along the shore, there are fishing boats painted in bright colors. The island’s extravagance attracts regular holiday-makers and sailing lovers alike. 

Honeymooners will definitely like the Bequia’s tranquil sandy beaches, exuberant vegetation of green hills, charming rural scenery, and warm welcoming locals.

Saint Vincent is regarded by many tourists as an ideal jump-off point to start a voyage. It is the largest island of the chain, which lies to the north of the rest spots. One of the most popular tourist attractions on the island is the Soufriere volcano. Places to enjoy are tremendous cliffs, rocky shores, picturesque slopes, spectacular valleys, and incredible sun-soaked beaches. Kingstown is the capital town, which greatly combines the modern life with the hint of the colonial past. 

Canouan is another place which should be included in your itinerary. This island is not large in size; however, it has much to offer its visitors. Canouan magnificence and elegance greatly combined with the local charming atmosphere and beauty of the environment always draw the attention of the most demanding holiday-makers. Until recently, this spot was lesser developed than the other islands in the chain; however, nowadays, it is a luxury resort with golf courses and spas.

The chain of five islands known as The Tobago Cays offers exceptional scuba diving opportunities. Its colorful corals, pure, sun-soaked beaches, and charming coves will provide you with an unforgettable experience on your sailing leisure.

The Union Island is regarded by many tourists as Tahiti of the Caribbean Sea. This holiday spot lies close to Barbados and can be viewed from Carriacou. Clifton, the main city of the island, offers numerous shopping opportunities and has lots of bars and various food venues. All buildings are painted in vivid Caribbean colors. 

The smallest populated island of the chain, Mayreau, is a perfect spot to hit while on a yacht charter vacation. The laid back lifestyle provided by the island can be explained by the fact that electricity was introduced here only fifteen years ago.

No matter whether it is a luxury vessel or a catamaran you want to rent for your vacation, here you will definitely find every vessel you may need.