Iceland (ISL)

Iceland Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Iceland

Iceland Yacht Charter

Iceland is the country with many natural wonders; from the dramatic glaciers to the raw landscapes, visitors to this beautiful place are never short of its spectacular scenery. Glaciers and waterfalls dominate the landscape, while quiet shores and fascinating fjords making for perfect cruising grounds.

Nowadays, traditions and customs of Iceland are deeply permiated by the history of Vikings, which define it, creating a fascinating atmosphere that intrigues and attracts. Iceland`s natural phenomena is truly unique — the Midnight Sun that shines throughout the night in summer and the Northern Lights illuminate the winter sky with brilliant colors. There is no place more captivating to explore than Iceland with its river rafting, outdoor delights of hiking, thermal swimming pools, streets filled with delightful cafés, museums, galleries, and designer stores.

The warm open-air pools invite travelers to take a swim in the coldest snowy days. You will have a unique chance to play a round or two of midnight golf between sprawling mountains, endless ocean views, and lava fields. For those, who like unforgettable adventures, glacier exploration is the best choice. Trekking over these unforgettable frozen wonders is absolutely safe under guided tours; also, it can be explored by using specialized jeeps, snowmobiles or simply on foot.

The city of Akureyrilies in the North. It is highly mountainous with breathtaking scenery that can be viewed from the peaks. Akureyri is a tiny town that is compact enough to be explored on foot. The best way to discover all the landmarks is onboard with a one day trip ashore. On the southern coast you may visit the Westmann Islands that consist of 30 reefs and 15 islands. Also, the volcanic island of Surtsey and the port of Heimaey are absolutely worth seeing.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and an emerging hotspot for a fine dining scene and vibrant nightlife. A perfect mix of modernism and tradition, Reykjavik boasts are mote and rugged beauty alongside opulence. Well-known for geothermal springs, which heat the open-air pools, Reykjavik is an integral point on Iceland’s southwest coast.

The wonderful Westfjords region is the best one for sailing, its gateway to many adventurous excursions into dramatic heart of Iceland will make your trip special. Westfjords is perfect for spotting seabird colonies, seals, puffins, and Arctic foxes. The old town of Seydisfjordur is located in the east and allows seeing sublime glaciers, an exquisite natural harbor, lakes and 'reindeer territory.