Indonesia (IDN)

Indonesia Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Indonesia

Yacht Charter in Indonesia

A myriad of possibilities to discover a spectacular combination of extraordinary tribal life, untamed natural beauty, and unrivaled diving sites are open for everyone who comes to Indonesia onboard a luxury yacht. If you prefer to relax on a sunny beach or like surfing, then you will have an incomparable charter vacation. Otherwise, the nightlife in Bali is a great way to completely immerse you in the atmosphere of the resort.

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. It is made up of over 17 thousands islands, which are mostly uninhabited and remote. This emerging charter destination presents miles of beautiful unspoiled coastline with many stretches of azure waters and deserted beaches. Inland, paddy fields and breathtaking mountains that are swathed in vivid green rainforest create dramatic vistas. Its colorful local life will surely captivate all of its visitors.

Because it is stretching across the equator, Indonesia boasts a warm tropical climate. For Raja Ampat, the best weather is from October to April and for Komodo, the best weather is from April to October. So, an Indonesia luxury yacht charter is suitable throughout the whole year.

Itineraries For Charter in Indonesia

We recommend you to start your trip from the island of Bali, that is famed for its temples, palaces, and surfing. Comfortable transport links of Bali make any itineraries more convenient. Cruise to the east from here to enter the Lombok Straits or reach the Komodo Islands those are the most famous bio-diverse places on the planet. There is also highlight, Raja Ampat, that is situated in the north-eastern part of the island chain. Indonesia with its 80,000 km of coast line presents endless opportunities for diverse and exciting luxury charter vacations.