Ionian yacht charter. Boat rental in Ionian Islands.

Each Ionian island has its own unique charisma and is able to charm you in no time. On each island you can hire a boat and spend several days cruising the sea. Three most distinct places to visit are Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. These islands are placed in the west of Greece, near each other. Islands were the colony of Italy, so all the buildings have a particular style and do not resemble the usual Greek structures.

The land of Corfu is the greatest among the group of islands and was beautifully described by Don Fort: “Unusual landscapes, amazing colors, unforgettable sunsets, lush vegetation, mysterious moonlight, flowers of amazing shades and shapes, olive groves more than 100 years old, huge oranges, fragrant lemons, luscious pergolas, morning lagoons, deserted beaches, forgotten bays, hot springs, unknown caves, ivory sand and a sea of emerald shade.” There is no other island in the world where everything written above is combined.

During the spring days, the majority of islands are buried in flowers and greens. Lefkas has dozens of wonderful bays that can be explored. It can be great entertainment for those who like the untouched nature of Greece. After visiting Zakynthos, you can feel the true spirit of this country. The indigenous inhabitants of the islands are very proud people who honor their traditions. On the islands, you can meet older women standing at their houses and watching what is happening around. Traditional clothes in such places are black; it contrasts very much with the bright colors of nature. We recommend renting a scooter and rolling around the island, exploring its undiscovered areas.

The Smugglers Cove, accessible only by boat, is a among the most prestigious beaches in the world. On the way to the beach, you will meet another attraction called The Blue Grotto famous for its unmatched amount of shades of blue. Holidays on a rented yacht will allow you to learn and feel much more than if you have a rest in an ordinary hotel.

For a holiday in the Mediterranean Sea, try a Ionian yacht charter. It can be a motorboat, sailing yacht, ship without a crew which you will manage independently, catamaran, skipper, a boat with a captain or luxury yacht.

As in the majority of countries in the Mediterranean basin, the yacht rental season in Greece continues from mid-spring to mid-autumn. In windy summertime, the warmest months are July and August. We recommend you to rent a yacht from April to May or from September to October. Air temperature is already comfortable for a pleasant holiday, a light breeze blows from the sea, and the prices are affordable.

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