Marmaris yacht charter: rent a boat in Marmaris, Turkey

Many years ago Marmaris was a small village, located on the bank of the Aegean Sea. However, these days, the town has changed into a big and developed resort in Turkey. In summer, its population may rise to 200,000. The tourists choose this resort because of its ideal location on the sea shore and a wide choice of activities that comply with demands of all types of customers. The resort offers a plethora of hotels, nightclubs or restaurants that will help make your vacation unforgettable.

Renting a yacht charter in Marmaris, you will see all beauties of this resort with your own eyes as Marmaris has beautiful nature, pine-covered hills, and small picturesque bays. Those who prefer to vary their vacations with day trips to other nearby cities will appreciate plenty of touristic locations and scenic views.

Marmaris is not a remote village and has a well-developed infrastructure. Tourists may get to any city in Turkey from this resort. Except for the transportation infrastructure ashore, the resort has a harbor where one can easily rent a boat, yacht or gulet. The yacht harbor is the newest one in Turkey and if you wish to take a trip along the Turquoise Coast, Marmaris Yacht charter is what you really need.


The history of this picturesque resort starts from 3400 BC. At first the settlement was populated with a small tribe and later acquired a name Karia in honor of the leader of the tribe. Due to the advantageous location, this tiny village attracted many visitors.

Due to Suleiman the Magnificent, the city underwent many significant changes and many strategic facilities were rebuilt, including the main castle. In 1798, this settlement became a shelter for the great Lord Nelson.

These days Marmaris is a mixture of different cultures and has many objects of interest which prove the presence of Egyptian, Persian, Syrian, Seljuk and Roman civilizations.

Climate Conditions

This sea resort has very hot summers as the temperature may rise to 35 degrees. As a rule, summers are dry; the rainfall probability is low. In winter, the average temperature doesn’t fall less than 5 degrees at night. Though in winter, you cannot enjoy the warm sea, but for other activities, its climate conditions are perfect.

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