Mauritius (MUS)

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Yacht Charters in Mauritius

Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius had become famous in 1600 after the discovery of a rare species, the Dodo. The Islands are part of a group of 3 other main islands, which are well-known as the Mascarene Archipelagos and were named in the honor of the discoverer Pedro Mascarenhas. After gaining independence from the British, Mauritius has become a well-managed country, where locals respect the law and order and the economy is booming.

Mauritius is a perfect yachting destination with its beautiful bays, unspoiled mainland, clear public areas, and crystal clear turquoise waters that contain a diverse marine life. Mooring at Port Louis is an excellent place to start a trip. Also, it is the capital of the island, which has good restaurants, various shops, and historical sites. Because of a duty-free status, the country is enticing more visitors now. The port got its name in the honor of Louis XV at the time when the French ruled the island. You can see many colonial buildings in the city. One of the most popular places is the Citadelle that has spectacular views of the city.

After visiting the port, you may go to the Caudan Waterfront that is a big colonial-style building with many modern boutiques inside. The grand four-star hotel of the Labourdonnais with its fine dining restaurant and relaxing foyer is located right next to it.

Go to the Port Louis Bazaar to fully enjoy local shopping! There aren`t any prices, so you will be able to practice the art of trade. Approximate prices are written down on the wooden boards, but everything is negotiable. A trip to Chinatown is a perfect opportunity to taste the authentic, fragrant dishes from China.

The local language is Creole, which is a mix of French and English, but Chinese and Indian are used as well. Despite the fact that the standard of living for locals has improved considerably, they haven`t stopped putting the emphasis on family values and politeness.

If you love surfing, then this is an ideal place for you. It became popular thanks to the Australian surfers in the 1960's because it is the perfect place to catch the wave that bears the name “santosha.” The beach in the South West of Mauritius is Le Morne Point; it seems to have been created for windsurfing as the winds are constant throughout the year. The best beaches are part of the private villa complexes or hotels, so they are private. Thus, it is worth asking whether the beach is available if you are staying at a hotel.

If you are sailing a yacht or catamaran, we advise you to visit the Ilot Gabriel that is situated near the northern point of Mauritius. You will be amazed by its unspoiled beauty where you can take a lot of unforgettable pictures.

If you prefer hiking, then visit the Black River Gorge. Despite the fact that it is difficult it is absolutely worth it. When you reach the top of Champagne Plaine and dare to look down, you will be stunned by the beauty of the surrounding nature. The National Park has preserved many endangered animals and birds and welcomes visitors to appreciate the delicate balance of the ecosystem.