Mijet yacht charter: rent a boat in Mijet, Croatia

What could be a greater way to discover spectacular beaches and coastline, than making a trip in a yacht to Mljet! This place is famous for being the greenest island in Croatia. Mljet is known for clear and clean sea, Mediterranean vegetation, rich marine life and gentle sandy shoreline. Mijet yacht charter is one of the numerous charters in the Adriatic Sea, but this trip is attractive because of special beauty and unique landscapes of the island.

Mljet is the largest Croatian Island located near Korcula, Dubrovnik, and Peljesac peninsula. Dry weather in summer with plenty of sunshine and mild winters throughout the year make the climate of Mljet just right during any season. Its pristine clear water, lakes, spectacular scenery, a wealth of cultural heritage and small surrounding islands attract sailing yachts and luxury motor yachts year after year. 

The part of the island that isn`t covered in dense forest is dotted with vineyards, small, quaint villages, and picturesque fields. Special attention should be given to a visit to the Mljet National Park that covers western and northern parts of the island. 

Another exciting way to spend time on the islands is diving. Divers get a chance to look closer at the 3rd-century Roman wreck, which is located in shallow water. Remains of the ship include amphorae that have calcified during many centuries. The depths of the sea also hide a German torpedo boat, preserved since the Second World War. 

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