Montenegro (MNE)

Montenegro yacht charter: rent a boat in Montenegro

Montenegro is a wonderful country and a popular tourist resort that lies on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, to the south of Croatia. There is no doubt that it is a perfect starting or ending point of every Mediterranean sailing holiday. When it comes to Montenegro yacht charter vacation, be ready that you will be offered various vessels to choose from. 

This country is not just a beautiful tourist resort area to discover when on a visit to Croatia, it is also an interesting place with rich history, vibrant culture, exciting traditions, nice weather, and charming nature to admire. 

Although this spot covers only about fourteen thousand square kilometers, it features a number of incredible characteristics and offers its visitors a wide selection of things to do and observe.

Places to Visit

While on a visit to Montenegro, tourists should definitely include the Monastery of Ostrog in their itineraries. Founded as early as in the 17th century by Metropolitan Vasilije, it is located near the Bjelopavlici valley and is carved into the rock formations. 

Another place that is worth noticing is Kotor. This town is an ideal spot for yacht charter enthusiasts. It is known for its diverse historical heritage, beautiful nature, and interesting culture. If you want to enjoy the charming beauty of the bay found in the town, then take note that there is no better way to do that than aboard a yacht. 

On the backdrop of the town, there is the Lovcen Mt. This sight symbolizes the national identity of the country. The mountainous massive is a National Park, where the Jezerski vrh hosts the mausoleum of Petar II Petrovic Njegos, a famous poet and philosopher of the country. 

Another spot to hit is Ada Bojana. It is a wonderful river island washed by the sea and Bojana river. The island was created in the nineteenth century, where the ship “Merito” had once gone down. With the lapse of time, the shipwrecks and the surrounding islands were covered with sand to create this incredible island. The sun-soaked waterside of the island is ideal for relaxing and toasting, and the clear blue waters are perfect for sailing, swimming, and diving. Except for being a popular beach resort, this place is a number one choice for many lovers of good food as there is a host of food venues serving delicious seafood dishes.

There is also the Boka Kotorska bay, which is one of the most fascinating coves in the country. The bay is surrounded by tremendous cliffs reflecting in the deep blue sea waters. Come here to observe the beauty of the surrounding islands – Sveti Marko, Gospa od Skrpjela, Mamula, and four others – seen from the bay. 

If you are a nature lover, then you shouldn’t definitely miss out the Sveti Stefan peninsula. This place is a gem of the country’s nature. The peninsula has a rich and diverse culture and history left behind by its locals. Those coming to this place may want to visit the two charming, reddish watersides found on both sides of the narrow sandy neck of land which connects the peninsula with the shore.