Mykonos yacht charter: rent a boat in Mykonos, Greece

If you desire to spend your weekend in Greece, then you definitely expect fantastic emotions, especially if you go on a trip on a chartered boat. 

Mykonos yacht charter offers to combine exciting adventure with relax on the luxury boat, where you can get any service. One of the favorite tourist destinations for renting the vessel is the Cyclades. In Greece, you can rent a boat of any class: luxury, catamaran or sailboat.

Mykonos is known for exceptionally beautiful white houses, narrow streets where you can walk for hours, the sunshine and wide beaches. This island is the most famous among tourists; there are plenty of visitors who rent a yacht. The island is full of life day and night. Tourists spend the night partying till the morning,  while tasting delicious food and taking part in active entertainment at day.

To fall in love with the island, it is enough to walk through the streets, see the homes of locals and plenty of museums with churches. While exploring the island, you will be followed by a pleasant aroma of local flowers, which are mixed with the salty aroma of the sea. 

If you are on Mykonos, then visit a popular place called Little Venice. Its group of picturesque windmills is placed on top of a miniature mountain, while more of them are located near the seaboard. Most mills were built back in the 16th era by the Venetians who lived on the island and used them to make flour. Today cafes and taverns, souvenir shops and galleries are located at this place. It is an excellent opportunity to come and admire the beautiful sunset.

If you enjoy history, you should explore the Archaeological Museum that exists since 1900 and is one of the oldest in Europe. Here in the late 19 century, the archaeologists have found artifacts, which age is 400 years BC. 

The Museum of the Aegean was established in the 20th era and collected the amazing exhibits that show how the Greek sea has changed, what traditions of local people are related to it, and how the sea affects people's lives. Pay attention to the house of Folklore Museum that contains ancient furniture, sets of jewelry, pottery, embroidered national costumes, marble sculptures and other household items. Here you will also discover old models of ships, ancient maps, and models of guns that were used during the war for independence.

Panagia Paraportiani is an extremely popular church among tourists. Every Mykonos visitor has a picture of it. The church is placed in the village of Chora. Its construction began back in the 14th era and was completed only in the 17 century. The ensemble consists of 5 churches, one of which is the centre and the other four are located around it.

Mykonos has a terminal and the land is often toured tourists renting luxury vehicles. The island provides huge number of restaurants and cute cafes with lots of entertainment, live music and discos.

We recommend you to visit Mykonos late spring or early fall, so you can avoid waves of tourists. All kinds of water transport can be rented on the island: catamarans, huge yachts, and sailing boats.

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