Yacht charter in Naples and Capri: rent a boat in Naples and Capri

Many travels by boat to Italy begin from Naples. This town is filled to the edge with energy. It is very chaotic, some of its parts are completely cluttered, but it makes a good impression. Naples yacht charter is created for you to see with your own eyes a memorable and vivid spirit of the town, which exists in harmony with the amazing hospitality of the Italians. As mentioned above, Naples is a very famous goal for visitors who want to hire a yacht. 

The advantage of this town is its location: from here you can easily go to several sections of southern Italy, for example the land of Capri and the Amalfi area. At these two resorts, you will discover the most amazing beaches and perfectly clean sea.

The Isle of Capri

You can hire a boat or any other water transport in Naples and go to the well-known island of Capri, where you will have an unforgettable vacation. Capri is the jewel of the Persian Gulf. The land has a magical charm. For many centuries, it attracted a huge number of people from emperors to philosophers and film stars. Every summer, you can see a variety of luxury boats near the coast. 

When you are in Capri, do not forget to visit the unique Blue Grotto and rocks that are called Faraglioni. Centuries ago in place of these rocks was a huge grotto, one of the biggest on the planet. 

There is a cable car on which Marina Grande area residents can get to the center. with a noisy small square.

You will enjoy the local cuisine restaurants, bars with famous visitors, and fun nightlife. On the land, you can taste traditional appetizer: mozzarella cheese served with prosciutto and herbs.

On Capri there are two central piers, but tourists who rent large yachts stay in remote bays. There are many bays on the Capri where you can drop the boat and be sure of its safety. 

You can voyage to the other less popular island called Procida with citrus trees and  unusual yellow rocks.

Not far from Naples lies the city of Pompeii, which is completely submerged. Volcanic eruption caused a tragedy. Going down under the sea, you can explore the ancient Roman city with various monuments, bridges, graves, and triumphal arches.

Beach Amalfi is protected by UNESCO public organization. Old churches and luxury villas stand in harmony with the surrounding wildlife, clean beaches, and endless ocean.

If you go deep into the coast of Amalfi, you'll find a cozy miniature resort town Agropoli with the lighthouse and old feudal castle. 

By car you can visit a wonderful cathedral in Paestum and see the wide beaches  of Trentova. Moreover, settlement Amalfi is nearby to all attractions.

Renting a boat is possible from early spring to mid-autumn. Summer in Capri is quite hot with blowing breeze. Due to popularity best time to visit is autumn or spring season.  On Capri you can hire any kind of water transport: a small catamaran, sailing boat, large ship with a crew or a luxury yacht. The rest and relax on the ship will definitely stay in your memory forever.

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