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There is no doubt that the Dutch people are the only nation in western central Europe, which really truly and well knows the North Sea with its coasts and ‘moods’ as well as its deluges and waves. The Dutch have been exploring the sea for many centuries, so now they know it perfectly. Intrepid seamen have detailed and research edits nuances for creating detailed maps, and the incredible courage of the Dutch with their love for discoveries allowed them to create their own colonial empire. Nowadays, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Curaçao, Aruba, and Bonaire are autonomous parts that belong to the Netherlands or “special municipalities.”At home, however, the technically perfect and subtledikes, dams, polders, and salt marshes of the Zuiderzeewerk system, which very importantin Kroon in the North Holland and around the Ijsselmeer in Flevoland, are the standard of the effective domestic landscape architecture, due to which the country has become what it is today.

How to fully enjoy the opportunities of the sea?

Immense areas have been reclaimed through drainage, which made it possible to settle on these lands. The draining was planned in order to protect Amsterdam from possible heavy storm tides. It was intended for a different province for a polder that bears the name of “Markerwaard” where the Marker Sea exists. However, it was limited due to a lack of funds in order to protect the Markerwaarddijk (Houtribdijk) dam between Enkhuizen and Lelystad and to keep the local recreation areas and sea intact. Today it is used as a major road connection between Gelderland, North Holland, and Flevoland. Water is highly respected in the Netherlands. The Dutch use it wisely, safely, and strategically, in terms of protection and for benefits in the long run. Whenever possible, they are using it to gain profits. Most of all, people like to spend leisure time in the water environment by paddling, sailing, fishing, swimming, surfing, and wading. Boats are even more important vehicles than cars, so yachts for rent are available almost everywhere. Those, who live on a boat in the Netherlands, do not have such a hard time as they would in other countriessince here it is completely normal to do so.

Nautics, Navigation, and Nature around and next to the North Sea

The Netherlands offers not only the largest waters and seas but many different water sports and lakes. The country is even mentioned as thesea itself, because of a huge number of water sources that the tiny nation contains. The Frisian Bergumer Sea with for its traditional sailing competition ""Skûtsjesilen,""the Abcouder Sea, there creation and nature area De Hoge Dijk, the Bosbaan Olympia Rowing Course that was used for the Rowing World Championship in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, the Johan-Willem-Friso Canal,the Heegermeer, and the flooded gravel mining site in Roermond, Maasgouw, and Leudal. With 3000 hectares, it is the biggest area for water sports in the Netherlands; also, it has more than twenty marinas. Furthermore, you can surf on Gaasperplas Lake that is situated in the Zuidoost part of Amsterdam, though not as fastas on the North Sea.

The 13 Reeuwijkse Plassenlie close to the Gouda, that is located in the South Holland. Their total area is a generous 735 hectares that are used as a sailing area. The Zeeland province, the Versem Lake, and the Tjeukemeer, between the Overijssel and Friesland, as well as the towns Vrouwenpolder and Veere, are increasingly marketed to tourists. All lakes are used primarily for sailing and windsurfing. Lake Zuidlaard (Wolfsbarge) in the provincesDrenthe and Groningenis just 1m deep in the sections outside its sailing channels. Lake Zuidlaard is a very popular place, in part due to its large free time beach and many marinas. The Lauwersmeer`s Bay has been protected since the 1950s as a national park in 2 northern provinces Friesland and Groningen. But its national park status doesn`t affect the fact that people may drive boats on the areas of the lake. But the wetlands and embankments shouldn`t be entered because of nature conservation reasons.

The Canals of Captains with Queens, Kings, and Princesses

The south of Flevoland is a popular vacation and relaxation area because of the many recreational boating tours, esp. to the Ijsselmeer. More than sixty countrywide canals are always open for sports boats and leisure vehicles to use. Some canals include the Gent-Terneuzen Canal, the Ems Canal between Delfzijl and Groningen, the canal through Zuid-Beveland that is located between Oosterschelde and Westerschelde, the Noordhollandsch Kanaal from Den Helder to Amsterdam, the popular Ringvaart des Haarlemmersmeerpolders, and the North Sea Canal from the berths at Wohnbooten and the Ijsselmeer to the North Sea. The Schelde-Rhine Canal that is connected to Antwerp with the Rhine-Maas Deltas, the Prinses-Margriet-Kanal from Groningen to Lemmer, the Zuid-Willemsvaart canal that connects the Twentekanal and ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Maastricht between Amelo and Zuphten, and also the Wilhelmina Canal are very popular waterways among motor- and houseboat travelers. Through theEms-Vecht-Kanal and the Haren-Rütenbrock-Kanalin the western part of Germany, in the districts Emsland and Grafschaft Bentheim, there is a direct link to the Dutch canals.

Well-known Dutch seaside resorts

All canals and lakes in the Netherlands have a link to each other and often have a connection with the North Sea, whose long coast (450 km) has nearly 30 venerable seaside resorts.The Scheveningen province of The Hague (Den Haag) is the largest of all resort towns. Its dunes are named Uilenbosch. Also, popular in the summer and well-known are the port town Breskenswith its marina, Bergen Aan Zee in Alkmaar, borders the Belgium and Cadzand-Badwith its long beach, and Callantsoog that is a famous nude beach with one of the highest sand dunes inthe northern Holland. Westkapelle in Zeeland have fishing waters called Kreek, De Koog on Texel is the tourist center of the country, and Zandvoort has many accommodations, bars, and restaurants.

Katwijk near Leidenin South Holland is lovely place for tourists, especially German ones. Juliana dorpis loved for its easy access to the sea, and it is also a part of Den Helder. The seaside resort Domburg attracts people with its crystal clear waters since the early nineteenth century. Westerschowen and Renesseare parts of the Schouwen-Duiveland municipality. Also, they are situated on the sea which makes them very popular for weekends and vacations. Vrouwenpolder and Ouddorp are located on the island Goeree-Overflakkee; they are popular surfing spots. Dishoek and Zoutelandebelong to the Zeeland Riviera. Vlissingen has a large marina and is a center of maritime transport.