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New Caledonia

New Caledonia Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in New Caledonia

New Caledonia Yacht Charters

Just 4 hours of flight from Sydney, Brisbane or Auckland and you can sail your luxury charter yacht in this stunning South Pacific island destination. Enjoy day upon day discovering the inshore waters of one of the largest island lagoon in the world, which offers perfect sailing in protected waters; also, it extends out of Noumea. If you are an adventurer, sail the short stretch of open water to the well-known Ile des Pins.

New Caledonia got its name thanks to Captain James Cook because its northern coastline reminded him about Scotland. France seized power in 1853, so since that timeit administers the Island group. With its natural splendor and idyllic location, New Caledonia provides everything you can wish for, and more.

All charter operations in New Caledonia are based in Noumea that is the capital of the island. From there it is a short distance to many sheltered bays, which makes this the perfect destination for sailing holiday. Most charterers choose The l'Ile des Pins as the ultimate New Caledonan destination. The l'Ile des Pins forms the outer barrier of one of the largest lagoons worldwide, which defines a well-travelled charter area in New Caledonia. In addition to the lagoon, there are hundreds of places that definitely deserve a visit.

An exotic beauty of the l'Ile des Pins

The Isle of Pines is a paradise for those who are looking for an ideal tropical island — a forested volcanic peak, sandy beach coated by coconut palms — it truly is an excellent destination. The famous pines are everywhere, creating an indescribable atmosphere, as do the watercrafts that are used by the local Kanak people for fishing and tourist activity.

After safely mooring near the shore of the l'Ile des Pins, you can relax onboard your charter yacht. So, get ready to dive into Gadgi Bay with its beautiful coral sculptures. Dine on tasty lobsters at a local restaurant and then climb Pic N'ga to enjoy the sunrise. Discover the Oro`s dried riverbed and swim in the marvelous blue waterhole or go to a picnic to Brush Island.

World Heritage lagoons in New Caledonia

Besides the l'Ile des Pins there are many other wonderful places for a bareboat holiday cruise. For, example, the extensive Prony Bay can take days to discover if time allows. And Port Boise with its variety of dining facilities is located just near Prony Bay, while Ile Ouen guards the entrance of the bay.

Near the Isle of Pines, there is a beautiful water world dottedwith tiny islets, where you can find a wondrous amount of wildlife. A night stop at Ilot Amédée will perfectly complete your holiday, especially if you are interested in stories about the famous lighthouse in the South Pacific.

Climate & sailing season

Cooled by the mild south easterly trade winds and the surrounding Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia offers a semi-tropical climate that is marked by two seasons:

  • From April to September it is breezy and dry
  • From October to March climate is humid and warm

Sunset is between 5and 6pm, while sunrise is between6and 7 am.

New Caledonia is also known as “the land of the eternal spring” because it has a stable climate that provides sunbathing, sailing, and swimming all year round. Weather conditionsfit for chartering through the year, taking into account possible cyclones that can rise some times in the South Pacific. The period from September to November is the best time to visit.

Navigating southern lagoon in New Caledonia

Noumea and the coast that surrounds it offer great shelter from the strong winds blowing from the southeast. Allow at least 2 days from the base, visiting many mainland bays. Sailing back to Noumea is a real pleasure. You can use the downwind sail to zigzag through the Isles and discover the remote anchorages./