Panama (PAN)

Panama yacht charter: rent a boat in Panama

Panama is a wonderful country and a bridge between two continents as famous Panama Canal connects South and North America, combining the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The northern neighbor is Costa Rica, and in the Southland borders on Colombia. Panama is an economically stable country on the American continent with an eventful history, rich resources and unique culture. Local Indians called this land «an abundance of fish»

The international airport in the capital of Panama City allows you to reach almost all places in the Caribbean and America. Along the coast are chic restaurants and luxury hotels. Nature is amazing with the beauty of the shores and the underwater world.

Choose yacht charter for a trip to Panama and experience first-class service. You will appreciate the cultural heritage of walking along the cobblestone streets in the old part of the city:

  • Open cafes and squares with a romantic atmosphere filled with the sounds of live music. 
  • The most delicious Panamanian traditional food. 
  • The France square is the embankment where can find the best souvenirs. Impressive places and views are visible from the Bridge of the America.

By connecting two seas and two oceans, Panama offers many exciting experiences on both banks. The side of the Caribbean attracts with beautiful islands and coves. There are about 380 pieces of small islands, and only 49 are inhabited. The islands of San Blas are a nice place for a walk or romantic picnic on white sand washed by azure water.

Popular entertainment is diving, charter yacht and kayaking.  Rent a boat to see fantastic reefs and rocks, and even sunken ships.

On the Pacific side in the west of Panama is the UNESCO protected park Koiba. Flora and fauna of this volcanic island are as unique, as adjacent waters. This place is a UNESCO heritage. A lot of rare animals and endangered species of birds and plants inhabit the island. Because of such wealth of nature, Koiba is called the «Galapagos Islands from Panama»

Picking Panama yacht charters or renting a sailboat is an opportunity to get acquainted with the amazingly diverse world of both coasts and seas.