Paros yacht charter. Rent a boat on Paros Island, Greece.

Paros is not so famous as its more well-known neighbors, located in the network of Cyclades islands, such as the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. On the quay of the land of Paros, you will not so many incredible boats and luxury yachts, but perhaps this is even good.

Paros island can be appealing to people with a unique sense of style.

In Greece there are various unique and unusual places that you can discover for yourself if you do not follow the usual routes for the traveler. You can search the beauty of Greece by relaxing on an island like Paros. The very road there by the sea will already bring you pleasure and peace. Paros is an unforgettable island that is considered the core of Cyclades.

What Should You Remember About Paros Yacht Charter?

Paros Island is the second largest of all the lands of the Cyclades group. Its area is approximately 186 square km. The coastline of the Paros is 120 km.

From Paros, you can receive access to such popular places like the islands of Syros, Naxos, and Sifnos on a rented yacht. Staying on Paros, you get quick access to popular entertainments. Tourist ferry runs daily. The island is a popular point of interest after visiting Heraklion and Piraeus.

Main Attractions

It’s worth to visit Marpissa and Naoussa. Historical buildings and monuments of architecture can be located on the Paros in a variety of areas. It is worth to visit central attractions such as Church of 100 Doors. Historians argue that they’ve created it during the reign of Emperor Constantine in honor of his mother. The structure of the foundation is very ancient; many buildings look like constructions from books about Ancient Greece. There are numerous little villages on the Paros, where the houses are whitewashed with white paint and have flat roofs.

Marble relics on the island are evidence of the truth that the ancient Greeks appreciated the Parisian marble.

One more attractive place for sailors and guests of the island of Paros, who travel on yachts, is a bar in the hotel Pandrossos. This place is called a Windmill Bar. Sailors often stop here, and you must visit it too. This bar has an exclusive mood of fun and a peaceful atmosphere.

Unforgettable Greek Food

Your holiday in Greece on a ship on Paros will not be complete if you do not try local cuisine. Restaurants, bars, and cozy cafes are situated straight on the waterfront.

Discover an excellent resort in the Mediterranean called the Paros.

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