Poros yacht charter: rent a boat in Poros, Greece

For more than half a century, travelers are coming to Poros to observe historical landmarks and have a charter around the Med. This resort lies in the Saronic Gulf close to the Peloponnese and is regarded as one of the most visited spots in Greece adored by both seasoned and regular tourists coming here from the whole world. Thanks to its many tourism activities, this spot is able to maintain its old glory successfully.

Nowadays, Poros yacht charter devotees come here to have an exceptional sailing vacation, enjoy the hospitality of locals, and discover the rural life pulsing in Greek villages. This place comprises two worlds – that of an early civilization and the present-day Greece. Come here to choose among lots of entertainments, both on and off the land.

Places to Visit

Poros is generously covered with exuberant pine forests and various plants. This fact greatly contributes to its popularity with tourists. Come to this wonderful place to enjoy the unbelievable beauty of the island’s incredible nature along with its stunning watersides and scenery. 

From Poros, charterers with a great pleasure go to visit the capital of Greece. This is due to an easy access from the spot to Athens. Since there are other islands such as Hydra, Spetses, and others close by, sailors can have some island hopping hitting other beach resorts in the area aboard a yacht.

Sights to Observe on the Island

Those coming to Poros for a vacation believe that famous poets and artists derived inspiration from the magnificence and the allure of the region to create masterpieces of art. After relaxing on an amazing sandy beach, yacht charterers can have a look at the famous sites and archeological finds found on the territory of the island. To have the best holiday ever, it is advisable for everyone to include popular historical tourist attractions such as Olympia, Epidaurus and Argos in itineraries.

Other sights to observe on the territory are the Korizi Plaza, Villa Deimezi and Public Library. To enjoy the glory of an ancient civilization, visit the Temple of Poseidon, which can be found in the north of the region.  

Except for its historical landmarks, stunning watersides, and incredible beauty of its nature, Poros is also known for its traditional cuisine. There is a host of the finest food venues in the area. Visit some of them to taste some of the popular local dishes cooked with fresh fruit, veggies, and seafood. 

With no doubt, if you want to enjoy your stay in Greece to the full, then Poros should be included in your list and no matter whether you want to spend most of your vacation chartering a yacht or sunbathing on a beach.

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