Portugal (PRT)

Portugal yacht charter: rent a boat in Portugal

Portugal is one of the ancient states of Europe, and it is located at the western tip of the continent. The shoreline is very long, near 1000 km. In the West and South, it is washed by the stormy Atlantic and in the North and East, it borders on Spain. The Iberian Peninsula is shared between Portugal and Spanish land. Portugal became home to many great navigators and explorers, such as Pedro Álvares Cabral, the discoverer of the sea route to Brazil; Vasco da Gama, who found a road to India around Africa by water; Afonso de Albuquerque, a «great conqueror». Long ago this land was permeated with the spirit of sea adventures. 

Portuguese waters are ideal for sailors and those who enjoy yachting. You can rent any swimming equipment, a boat with a motor, a catamaran, a sailing boat or a luxury yacht. Little Portugal gives you wide access to different routes across the Atlantic as its location on the edge of continental Europe allows easy visits to other beautiful coasts of countries such as Morocco and Spain.

Entertainment and Beauty of Portugal

The first stop on the scenic coastline of Portugal should be at Lagos, an ancient city where many 5 centuries-old towers and houses were preserved. The shore of the Ponta da Piedade is the ideal place to swim in the romantic grottoes and secluded coves. Millennial rocks up to 18 meters high attract fans to jump into the water from a height. The Ria Formosa Lagoon, approximately 60 km long along the eastern side of the Algarve, attracts all who are interested in bird watching as in autumn and spring different birds migrate to this national park.

An admirer of the raging seas can look into the Boca do Inferno or «The Mouth of Hell» and watch as huge waves crash against the rocks from your charter yacht. To get closer to the local culture, you can visit Cascais, a village of hereditary fishers. To the West is Sagresh - a symbol of seafarers and in the west is Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Famous Belem Tower is a 4 stages lighthouse 35 meters high built 5 centuries ago. The building is open to visitors and is a monument of the Cultural Heritage of World. 

The original oldest district and heart of Lisbon is Alfama with impressive views from different places. Survived an earthquake in 1775, the region retained its identity. Here you can walk along cobbled narrow aisles of streets, past historical architectural sights. Purchase a map of the district to easily find the way to the cathedral and  museum of decorative arts. 

Unforgettable diving in cities Aveiro, Lagos, Faro, Cines is possible on coastal reefs and caves filled with unusually beautiful marine inhabitants and coral gardens. It is  easy to see 3-15 meters down the water; sometimes up to 30 meters in a cool season. 

Portugal yacht charter gives you a chance to move around interesting places of the Portuguese coast freely. It is an ideal place for relaxing on the water with exclusive tours of the wild places and popular excursions by the beaten paths. 

Numerous programs and routes of the charter yacht include the sights and beauties of the local landscape. On the southern coast, there is a beautiful place for sailing’s fans in the Algarve. In the North, there is Costa de Prata known to all the Silver Coast with white sand. 

Regular Weather in Portugal

The Mediterranean Sea of Western Europe has a warm, mild climate, humid in the winter days. On a winter day, the temperature reaches 61 ° F (16 ° C), in spring it can be up to 72 ° F (22 ° C). Summer in the South of Portugal can be considered from May to October, almost without precipitation In July and August always comfortable 85 ° F (29 ° C) temperature with a constant fresh sea breeze, which is a perfect weather for walks on a motorboat, catamaran or charter yacht. Nordic Passat wind blows from 12 to 18 knots more than 300 days a year. The light day lasts 13 hours encouraging active swimming, diving and walks along the coast. During hot summer time, the water is heated to 70 ° F (21 ° C). Portugal's summer days are great for an excellent journey from south to north on a yacht.


Organizing a chic vacation on a yacht or a walk with sailors in Portugal is quite simple. ICC (International Certificate of Competence) is required and accepted by most European countries. The certificate proves competence of its host. You can obtain a license from the Maritime Institute of Portugal or use a valid license. To charter a ship in Portugal, it is enough to follow the general rules of sailing and boating.

Sailing boats, motor yachts or luxury yachts are available. If you do not have experience and the license, we will organize a professional skipper or the whole crew at the good price, which will make your holiday comfortable. Contact us directly with any questions.