Puerto Rico (PRI)
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico yacht charter: rent a boat in Puerto Rico

In the northeast side of the Caribbean lies a charming ensemble of tropical islands or the state - Puerto Rico. It is western part of US and British Virgin Islands.

Beautiful scenic nature, luxury restaurants, a variety of exclusive shops and charming souvenir stores, popular nightclubs attracts many tourists and adventurers.

It is easy and convenient to explore Puerto Rico on a yacht. Contact our professional organizers of yacht charters, get acquainted with the list of boats and choose any available option according to your desire.

Ancient and Modern Puerto Rico

It is an Islands group with a rich culture and fascinating history. The convenient geographical location partly influenced the world popularity of the place. The extensive infrastructure, high-class service and affordable mode of transportation from the local airport to almost all the Caribbean islands explain the endless flow of tourists.

The largest quay in the Caribbean, one of the 4 located in Puerto Rico, is Puerto del Rey, located on the east coast between the San Juan and St. Thomas cities, in proximity to the most popular local attractions. All 4 harbors are located in beautiful picturesque places with high-quality service facilities and various attractions.

To the south is an elite famous resort complex Palmas del Mar with ""The Yacht Club"" next to it.

Elegant 18-hole golf courses created by the famous Reese Jones and Gary Player. Miles of roads, forests and riding paths which are offered by the best equestrian schools. In addition to all this luxury, guests of charter yachts will be able to enjoy the best SPA services, posh restaurants with delicious cuisine and a variety of shopping centers along with secluded beaches.

Sailboats, catamarans, motorboats or pleasure boats with professional accompaniment and super luxury yachts with the crew can be ordered from our charter brokers who are always on call.

It is worth visiting the large islands of Puerto Rico - Vieques and Culebra. The first is famous for the most spectacular bioluminescent world’s bay. And the second island is known for the beautiful beach called Flamengo, the second best world’s beach. Fans of active vacation will be able to try canoeing, kayaking or other adventures. 

Rent a boat to visit the sights of the islands, wonders of nature which are in abundance here. Such as:

  • Thermal springs, hot and revitalizing;
  • One of 14 protected forest tracts. El Yunque is the only tropical forest in the US in which the oldest town in Puerto Rico is located. San Juan can be called the oldest city in the USA founded by Europeans, Spanish colonists. The colonial city is perfectly preserved, and a visit to this fantastic place is included in the yacht charter program.
  • Excursion to alcoholic beverage factories can be included in a Puerto Rico yacht charter program. Here are the famous and beloved brands of the rum. The islands are ideal for growing sugar cane from which produce rum. More than 70% of rum that is sold in America comes from the island.
  • One of the bigger radio telescope in the world - Arecibo, accurately determining the time and place of the impact of an asteroid with the Earth. A place which covers 20 acres is located in Puerto Rico. The astronomical observatory where is a two-story museum and platform with a radio telescope is available to visit for customers of our yacht charter.

Impossible to Resist

Unlimited opportunities will be available for guests wishing to rent a boat. Relax with all the fun and adventure. The individual approach will not disappoint anyone. It is possible to choose a small sailing or motor yacht, an elite superyacht with a skipper. If there is a particular case to arrange an ultra-luxurious, most expensive vessel with a personal crew, we will always fulfill all the details of the order. 

Contact our consultants for any details, and you can choose the best cruise and excursion and the right yacht according to your wishes and dreams.