Pula yacht charter: rent a boat in Pula, Croatia

Pula yacht charter holiday spot is a popular resort to attend while on a vacation to the Mediterranean. This place preserves roman ruins, including the remaining amphitheater – the Pula Arena. This impressive building stands out in all its beauty on the highest spot of the town port. Since this resort lies on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, it is a perfect place to start your cruise as from here you will be able to access other important tourist spots easily.

Pula boasts an array of archeological sights to admire and feasts to enjoy, especially in summer season. The festive atmosphere prevailing here makes this spot a number one choice for those who got tired of the routine. 

When it comes to the scale of the marina, it has nothing to boast of. However, when it comes to the possibilities it offers its visitors, Pula has even more than its larger siblings can provide. The resort is the biggest on the peninsula and near the harbor, there is a great fortress of Pula. 

All-Season Holiday Destination

Marina of Pula is open every season throughout the year and it takes ten minutes to get from the airport by a taxi. Good public transportation allows to take a bus. 

The port can be also accessed from the southern part of the St. Andrew Island but lack of water breakers means that maximum speed in the area is eight knots.

Largest City on the Peninsula

Pula is known as a popular tourist center with everything guests can expect from a premium-class maritime holiday spot, including finest hotels and food venues as well as nightclubs and great shopping opportunities. A host of breathtaking sights and archeological gems with Pula Arena await you.

Pula is the most attractive spot in the region with nice weather, charming beauty, great history and interesting culture, which have been developing for over three thousand years. Its diverse traditions, as well as important sights and roman ruins, attracts many tourists from different parts of the world throughout the year. 

Lovely beach resort Pula is also a spot to visit if you want to enjoy the wild side of Croatia.

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