Saint Lucia (LCA)
Saint Lucia

St Lucia yacht charter: rent a boat in Saint Lucia

The dream of all fans of yacht charter's holiday with a crew is to visit paradise called St. Lucia. Exotic nature and beaches with snow-white sand conquer anyone. The riffling waters of the Atlantic wash the island in the east, and the placating Caribbean Sea do it in the west. 

Best views and landscapes are on the halfway down the Windward Island chain where St. Lucia is located. Through the lush tropical forests, inseparable symbols of St Lucia are visible: the 2000-foot height twins Python towers are the peaks in the environment of flowering plants and ancient ferns. It's a favorable place for exotic wild animals, where you can see even the St. Lucia's endangered parrots.

Wild flora and «rainforest» harmoniously dilute plantations and gardens: bananas, mangoes, papayas and coconuts, everything grows in abundance.

The geographical location of St. Lucia makes it possible to fulfill any fantasy for fans of outdoor activities:

  • The steep line of the coast continues in unpredictable reefs under the water. It is an ideal place for diving;
  • Coastal waters teem with king mackerel, white marlin, and barracuda. Fishing here will be an unforgettable adventure;
  • Birding is possible during the trek through the sprawling forests and hills. Protected reserve areas of the coast of the Caribbean.
  • Walking along mountain ranges and waterfalls with a compulsory visit to Mount Soufriere volcano.
  • Easy to relieve stress in warm waters of Diamond baths or secluded bays with curative springs.

The famous and influential centers of the luxury Saint Lucia yacht charters on the northwest coast of St. Lucia are Rodney Bay and Marigot Bay. There is nightlife with great Friday ""jump-up"" party-festivals. It is located a couple of kilometers from Gros Inlet.

The main harbor in Castries, the capital of the island nation of St. Lucia, is equipped with convenient parking and berths for charter ships.

In St. Lucia all the major types of water walks are available:

  • Motorboats;
  • Sailing;
  • Catamarans;
  • Classic yacht charters with a skipper;
  • Super Yachts with a crew.

Chic or standard tours are available for every budget.

Before going on to the southern Grenadines do not miss the yacht tour in St. Lucia. It is the perfect way to try all the various adventures on the island and in the coastal waters.