Seychelles (SYC)

Seychelles yacht charter: rent a boat in Seychelles

Known as the «Jewel of the Indian Ocean», the Seychelles is a perfect destination for a yacht charter vacation. This place looks like paradise because of its beautiful nature and pleasant climate. During Seychelles yacht charter you will see the Seychelles archipelago with hundreds of inlets and islands, which are randomly scattered over an area of four hundred thousand sq. km, northeast of Madagascar.

Charter yacht enthusiasts like to come here all year round because of calm waters, idyllic white sandy beaches, brilliant coral reefs, and sparkling lagoons. Seychelles is a special place to visit because of its ancient and incredible wildlife reserves that hold species so rare that you will not find them anywhere else on earth. 

Discover the rich diversity of seabird species such as the flightless white-throated railbird or lack parrots, or get acquainted with the giant tortoise. Beneath the water, the diversity of marine life is just as impressive as the wildlife on land. 

It seems that the great number of species of colored coral and fish were created just to perfect your diving experience. Perfect snorkeling becomes a reality in the pleasant waters of the lagoon. More than 20 snorkeling and diving sites will help you to have fun in the marine parks near Mahe; for example, Saint Anne Marine National Park protects more than 150 types of fish. If you prefer to experience depths of the sea during diving, then you will surely like the waters of lagoons that hold bigger sharks and fish. Mahe is the main island in the Seychelles; it has 70 different beaches that are backed with picturesque rock formations.

There are many bays and beaches to anchorage your boat, which make your vacation absolutely amazing. The climate in the Seychelles is humid and tropical, accompanied by a low breeze. The temperature is fairly consistent all year round. On average, temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Tropical rains mainly fall in January and February, but even then they capture a small part of islands at once. So, the weather can be great just a couple of miles away. 

Available types of yacht charter in the Seychelles include diveboat, sailing, motor charter, crewed, skippered yachts, sailboat, power boat, and many other luxury yacht charters. With the help of the constant breezes, sailing a yacht will be very easy. Endless beaches and shallow coral reefs are ideal conditions for a catamaran. On a motor yacht you can make a trip to the secluded bay for diving or fishing. Valuable wildlife species and stunning landscape make this place a diverse and interesting location for a holiday on a charter yacht. 

Time spent on the Seychelles will be unforgettable.