Yacht charter Sibenik: rent a boat in Sibenik, Croatia

Sibenik is a holiday destination in Croatia. This place is popular with both seasoned travelers and first-time visitors and serves as a good starting point for a sailing vacation in the Mediterranean. Tourists usually start their vacation by exploring the Northern Dalmatia with its untouched watersides, breathtaking nature, and the National Park at the Kornati. 

Be inspired by the opportunity to have a closer look at the natural treasures found at the opening of the Krka, which flows over the territory of the city. 

Magnificence of the City 

For the first-time visitors Sibenik may seem to be a boring rural town. However, it is a lively holiday destination attracting many tourists from different parts of the world.

Just like the other resorts found on the Dalmatian coastline, Sibenik is glorious by its great history and vibrant culture. The city successfully keeps up the interest of sailing lovers and regular tourists as it combines the richness of its past with the elegance of its present.

Get an opportunity to travel back it time as you observe the city’s historical sights, which include the St. James Cathedral, National Park with its incredible waterfalls,  and the churches built during the period of Renaissance. 

Other Places to Discover

While on a visit to Sibenik, include Zlari island nearby the city to your itinerary. The island is famous for its selection of corals. Another spot to visit is Kaprije as this rustic island is a number one choice for fishermen. If you want to have a closer look at various archeological sites, then plan a trip to Zirje. The island of Murter is another place for sailing enthusiasts.

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