Slovenia (SVN)

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Yacht Charters in Slovenia

Slovenia is situated between Croatia and Italy in the Adriatic Sea. Its coastline includes a peninsula from Portoroz to Koper. The country has a large number of water sources, and it is the 3rd most forested place in Europe. Slovenia takes care of the environment. More than 1/3 of the country is protected. There are over 10000 kilometers of trails for outdoor enthusiasts and hikers.

Slovenia is rich in culture, history and art. There are dozens of galleries, castles, and museums. Also, a pleasant climate with warm but not stuffy summers and mild winters will appeal to anyone. The climate is perfect for the grape vines and abundant olive trees.

The extraordinary Adriatic panorama offers exclusive gastronomic delights. Portoroz is a beautiful seaside resort, situated at the center of a natural bay. Piran was born in the 19th century as a spa-centerfor treatment of rheumatism and skin diseases due to salt marshes and water, which stretch fromSečovlje. Izola is located a few kilometers northeastof Piran.

Koper offers the unforgettable atmosphere of Venetian architecture. Nowadays, Koper is the administrative and political capital of Istria that was named as the Athens of Istria because of its huge cultural importance. A stroll through its buildings, squares, streets, and monuments never fails to impress.

Portorož, Piran, Koper and Izola are major maritime ports. They offer excellent services forboaters and yachtsmenwith safe and comfortable moorings. In Slovenia the distances are short, so Portoroz is only two kilometers from Piran, twelve kilometers from Koper, and twenty five kilometers from Trieste.