South Pacific Islands

South Pacific Islands Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in South Pacific Islands, South America

Yacht Charter in the South Pacific Islands

The South Pacific Islands include New Caledonia, Tahiti, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Cook Islands and had previously been visited by single adventurers. Now, due to the increase in tourism infrastructure, professional yacht charter operators, and modern airlines, these islands can be cruised by all. A sailing vacation in the South Pacific Islands looks like a paradise — the white sandy beaches, the warm azure waters, swaying palm trees, lobster and crayfish fresh from the sea, and the diverse fauna in the aquamarine lagoons. To fully explore this paradise, you should pay special attention to the marine part.

The islands and their local population are unique in tradition and culture. The inhabitants of each island are hospitable and friendly, thereby all visitors are treated as long-awaited and favorite guests. This place has gained increasing popularity as one of the top yacht charter destinations, where visitors can rent all the types of yachts, including sailing yacht, luxury motor yacht, skippered vessel, catamaran, crewed yacht, power boat, luxury yachts, sailboat, and even a super yacht.

Due to the fact that the South Pacific is located below the equator, all seasons are reverseto the northern hemisphere. The period from April to November is the main charter season. The South Pacific Islands are perfect for yacht charter with its endless things to do and see. Take a look at Cook Islands, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, and Vanuatu yacht charter!

Tahiti Yacht Charter

A journey on charter yacht to Tahiti, French Polynesia will be the best way to discover the “gemof the South Pacific.” This place is a French archipelago and lies roughly between America and Australia in the Pacific Ocean. Its official name is the Society Islands. Tahiti is a great combination of volcanic peaks in exquisite lagoons that are colored in many shades of blue and inhabited by gracious, friendly, and gentle locals and lush tropical atolls that include Tahaa, Bora Bora, Huahane, and Raiatea.

Tonga Yacht Charter

The vacation in Tonga will give you an unforgettable experience, because you will see a paradise with white sandy beaches, ocean colored in blue and green shades, dramatic limestone cliffs, volcanoes, and lush tropical rainforests. Captain Cook, that sailed upon the ancient Tonga 200 years ago, named this place as ‘the friendly islands.’ Since that time things don`t change and these seventy one gorgeous islands remain untouched along with its friendly locals.

The archipelago of Vava’u with its heart, Neiafu, has become increasingly popular for vacation on charter yachts because of itsbeauty and charmas well as itsclear blue water that is full of tropical fish, dolphins, and corals. Every yearbetween June and August, the humpback whales migrateto Vava’u. Today Vava'u is one of the unique places in the world, where you can dive and snorkel with the whales.

Fiji Yacht Charter

If you prefer a family vacation, a romantic getaway or an adventure for friends, then a Fiji Yacht Charter will be a perfect choice. Most of the Fijian Islands are inaccessible for tourists because of their remoteness, but this does not apply to sailing yacht charters that have a real scope for adventure. Swaying palms trees, aquamarine water, and white sandy beaches are just a small part of the many beautiful characteristics of Fiji that you may explore. Suva is the capital and it is situated on the Vita Levu.

Near Vitu Levu, you can visit a couple of island groups. Musket Cove Resort is known as the ""Best Resort in Fiji"" and also has marina facilities for yachts. It is the perfect place to start your yacht charter. The Yasawa Island group that is famous because of film ‘Blue Lagoon’, and Vanau Levu has a marine spectacle with the right conditions for the best diving ever.

Cook Islands Yacht Charter

If you are looking for a beautiful yacht charter destination, then the Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean are all you need. This destination consists of fifteen main islands that cover a total area of 2200000 square kilometers. In this untouched paradise, you will have practically endless charter possibilities on pristine coastlines with amazing beaches covered in clear white sand. The Cook Islands consist of the Southern Islands and the Northern Islands, with the largest island, Rarotonga, where you can visit an international airport.

You participate in many activities on the island because of its shopping centers, beautiful beach resorts, many restaurants and landmarks. Aituki is the pristine island that has one of the largest coral lagoons in the world, where you can find a lot of corals.

New Caledonia Yacht Charter

A perfect place for a luxury yacht charter vacation is New Caledonia that is situated in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. New Caledonia is a southern part of Melanesia and is located about 1,500 km from Australia, 5,000 km from Tahiti, and 1,700 km from New Zealand. It is surrounded by one of the largest coral barrier reefs and by an emerald lagoon.

The islands near New Caledonia are the tiny Belep Islands, the Loyalty Islands, and Isle de Pines. The water is absolutely clear which allows viewing the multi-colored fish, sandy seabed, and corals below. Natural beauties of New Caledonia include deserted pristine white beaches, sheer cliffs, aquamarine lagoons, and awesome volcanic rocks that are rise as if from nowhere. Her people have retained a powerful authenticity and traditions. Its lagoons are anangler’sand deep sea divers’ paradise.

Vanuatu Yacht Charter

Experience an ancient living culture with Vanuatu Yacht Charter! These islandslie between New Caledonia and Fiji, stretching for over nine hundred kilometers. Most of the outer islands are an excellent example of primitive standards and traditional culture. If you want to reach all Vanuatu`s islandson a boat of your own charter yacht, you will be able to explore this islands and become a part of an ancient culture. Port Vila is its capital that is located on the Efate. There, you will appreciate a delightful combination of multiculturalism and modernization.