Spain yacht charter: rent a boat in Spain

Spain is the perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts with any amount of experience, from beginners to expert yachtsmen. Offering fantastic sailing sensations in many places throughout its mainland, Spain is particularly attractive for its gemstones: the Balearic and Canary archipelagoes.


Breathtaking beauty of the Spanish shoreline attracts increasing amounts of tourists till the very October and yacht chartering season lasts longer than in any other places. Picturesque scenery of cozy hills with sparse greenery against the vivid blue of the sea and azure shores will surely take away anyone’s breath. Combined with mild climate and developed touristic infrastructure ports as Costa del Sol or Costa Brava, as well as large cities of Valencia and Barcelona are truly magnetic points for tourists. The touch of Moorish heritage felt in almost every aspect of the country’s culture, be it cuisine or architecture, gives a special charm to its atmosphere.

Local cuisine will add a special fascinating flavor to yacht spain holidays, savoring enjoyable sailing voyages with paella from seafood, all sorts of various tacos (local snacks) and, naturally, local wine and cervesa (local name for beer).

Speaking of charter Spanish yachting, the Balearic Islands indisputably are the main and most enjoyable destination for spain boats hiring. Such islands as Formenterra, Ibiza, and, of course, Mallorca, are most popular among tourists. In the towns of Mallorca you can actually find the entire British and German communities of those so much fascinated by local sailing that they chose to stay.

Meanwhile, the Canary Islands represent the perfect destination for those willing to take cross-Atlantic voyages due to their convenient position near the western coast of the African continent.

About us

We offer all sorts of yachts and boats for rent, including catamarans, sailing and power yachts, gulets, luxury yachts and even cruisers. A yacht in Spanish coast may be hired either bare or crewed depending on your expertise and the sort of experience you wish to enjoy.

If you wish to make your cruising and yachting holidays in the Mediterranean more pleasant and marked by peace and comfort, you can opt for a skippered yacht or even the one fully-crewed. And if your budget is limited, you can always choose a nice bareboat from the last-minute price list for charter boats. We also offer the possibility to charter exclusive luxury megayachts from France, Italy and Spain.

We take pride in maintaining the best fleet for yacht hire Spain can offer. Apart from renting, among our services you will find yacht maintenance and charter management program, as well as yacht brokerage. We will also be pleased to provide assistance in purchasing or selling of a used catamaran, sailboat or yacht.

Our offers include:

  • Gulets

Those motor sailing yachts have the traditional design of a Turkish trading vessel. Their size ranges from 14 to 35 meters. This type has recently become a very popular charter option in Spain.

  • Motor sailers

Represent an excellent option for those eager to enjoy sailing a wooden boat, without any cares due to the availability of an entire crew. Possibly, the best boat charter Spain has in store for sailing enthusiasts.

  • Sailing boats

Spain yacht chartering offers an incredible experience for skilled yachtsmen enjoying active sailing more than leisure comfort. With those boats you will enjoy terrific sailing sensations in the Mediterranean.

  • Motor yachts

Wishing for the time of your life and sheer comfort? Spanish charter motor yachts offered by us are fast, convenient and gorgeously-looking, whilst no particular navigating skills are required.

  • Ribs

Charter Spanish ribs represent a luxurious and fast vessel for enjoying the Mediterranean Sea to the uttermost.

  • Catamarans

This type of sailboat in Spain has two hulls, offering more luxurious comfort with enhanced stability and greater spaciousness. For those looking for outstanding sailing experience without compromising comfort.

  • Luxury yachts

Charter luxury yachts available in Spain can boast of high-class equipment and are luxuriously fitted out. No worries and cares with an excellent team taking charge over absolutely everything on board.

  • Mini cruisers

Wishing to travel along the Spanish coast? Charter Spanish mini cruisers to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.


If you are seriously considering yachting as part of your Spanish holidays, you should note that according to local laws certain documents may be required. To skipper a boat exceeding 10 Kw in engine power you are supposed to have a sailing license.

To be allowed to charter a yacht here, you will need to provide your proof of sailing competence and sailing license to the Spanish Maritime Authority. And if you want to sail your own boat, you will need an additional insurance.

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