Split yacht charter: rent a boat in Split, Croatia

Split yacht charter is a great way to learn the most about Croatia in one vacation. The country has earned its status as a popular tourist attraction site thanks to the beauty of Adriatic Sea and  the best option to explore it is a cruise aboard a comfortable yacht. Split is the primary destination point for yacht enthusiasts who turn their eyes to Croatia as this place gives you a distinctive feeling of the authentic Mediterranean culture.

Split’s origin dates back to the times of the Roman empire, when it was a town of significant political and social importance. The area contains many artifacts of the old times that give us a glimpse in the ancestral heritage.

Split is home to a significant amount of surviving remnants created by the biggest and most influential state in the history of mankind, a testament to the human spirit and perseverance.  

The city was originally built at the order of Diocletian, a Roman emperor who chose to spend the rest of his life in this beautiful location. Archeological findings prove that the town was once home to the higher stratum of society. Roman engineering produced buildings that could last through centuries – and even now that the architects’ names are forgotten, we still have a wonderful opportunity to observe their masterpieces.

Must see

If you’ve never been to the area before, you should definitely visit the Diocletian’s residence. This is a magnificent jewel, a piece of architecture that remains intact nowadays – one of the rare artifacts of the times long gone. The building is a monument that keeps the glory of the ancestors in its original form.

There is also a variety of other important points of interest in this area which include churches, temples and squares. You may also include the Archeological Museum in your list of places to see – it has a lot to offer. Every traveler has his own priorities, and it is up to you to plan you own route on the Split yacht charter; the place is packed with monuments and sightseeing places.

If you are a shopping enthusiast eager to get some new fashionable clothes or accessories, you should check out the local underground mall of Podrum  – there are numerous boutiques located there. The town also has a wine market that offers the best beverages in the area at reasonable prices. Also consider taking a stroll along Marmontova Street – the place is considered to be the central shopping avenue.

A vital part of your visit to Croatia is sampling the local treats at the food outlets. There are a lot of opportunities to taste what the Adriatic cuisine has to offer, both in the historical parts of the city and at the shore. Fresh ingredients are procured to the kitchens on everyday basis which means that you’ll taste the finest seafood as well as meat and vegetables.

Split Yacht Charter offers the most exciting ways to spend your vacation accompanied by your family or friends. Trained crew will accompany you on your journey and make sure that the experience is smooth and relaxing. Pack your luggage and plan the route – Croatia is waiting for you!

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