Saint Barthélemy (BLM)
St. Barth Island in the Caribbean

St. Barth island in the Caribbean Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in St. Barts, Saint Barthélemy

Yacht Charters in the St. Barts, St. Barthelemy, St. Barths or St. Barth Island in the Caribbean

The island of Saint Barts is an interesting place for a yacht charter in the Caribbean because here you can find the biggest private luxury super yachts, large sailing yacht racing regattas and the best fun! In our company, we can offer you St. Barts charters of all available types of yachts for rent including crewed super yachts, luxury yachts, catamarans, both sail and motor and even more.

St. Barthelemy, St. Barths, St. Barth or St. Barts is a perfect Caribbean yacht charter destination, whose popularity continues to grow. This place for vacation is so in demand because of its convenient location — nearly midway between the 2 major sailing centers of Virgin Gorda and Antigua. Certainly, there are also fourteen beautiful beaches and great cruising potential. You will be surely impressed by the sheerexotic beauty of both beaches and waterways in the island. St. Barts includes a perfect mix of natural Island beauty with fantastic restaurants, shopping and vibrant nightlife.

Most visitors of St. Barthelemy are the upscale crowd. Yacht charterers and yacht owners come to this gorgeous Caribbean heaven with an intent tocruise through the crystal clear blue waters, to enjoy the entertainment in restaurants and clubs, and to relax on the beaches with white sand. Dining at quality restaurants and high-end shopping is very well established. A vibrant nightlife industry is ready to cater the luxury yacht guests, who want to celebrate well after sunset.

St. Barts has a dramatic and striking geography which projects itself into the pleasant azure Caribbean waters. St. Barthelemy was created from the eruption of a volcano and has many dramatic and steep hills. The island offers the finest Caribbean beach clubs, which are very popular amongst the famous and rich.

St. Barts features a rolling landscape where you can find broad valleys and picturesque villages. The island is surrounded by sparkling clear waters, blue-green lagoons, and coral reefs. All of these benefits, along with its great harbor, help make St. Barthsa perfect retreat for yacht charters. The island attracts tourists because of its natural beauty, chic boutiques with a soothing relaxed exotic atmosphere, and delicious cuisine. The chic French culture and atmosphere of Caribbean makes this place more appealing than other sailing destinations.


There are Wellbeing and Spa centers, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, massage, kayaking, scuba diving,walks, shopping, nightlife and visiting nearby islands. For nightlife Ti St Barth, La Plage, "Nikki Beach", and Bête à Z'Ailes are worthy of visit as is "Live Screen Concerts" in the "Yacht Club", and "Casa Nikki" as well as "Le Feeling". Also, your crewed luxury yacht will provide a full range of culinary delights and relaxation, wonderful activities, depending on your mood.

Events and sailing regattas on St. Barts

The noteworthy sailing events on St. Barts include the Saint Barth's Cup in April, the St. Barth Regatta, that is celebrated just before Lent as well as the 3-day International Regatta in May and racing events.

Early April or late March is the time when the St. Barths Bucket Regatta takes place. This event is a gentlemanly yacht race for yachts over one hundred feet in length. The St. Barths Bucket Regatta was conceived by wealthy yachtsmen Abner Doubleday and Tom Taylor and has reached twenty six entries in 2005. In subsequent years, the popularity of the event has grown from year to year. This event is a rare chance for larger charter or private yacht to get together to parade in a friendly and good natured test of skills and speed. The St Barths Bucket Regatta is an amazing spectacle indeed. Besides the perfect cruising areas, impressive yacht racing events, and fine beaches Saint Barts you can also enjoy its nightlife with leisurely and comfortable dining on your yacht.


In St. Barts, you can find many beautiful beaches that will suit different tastes, so you only need to choose one of the fourteen that fits you. All beaches in St. Barthelemy have a liberal feel because topless sunbathing is common and its French history. Gouverneur Beaches and Anse de Grande Saline are 2 of these. The Flamands Beach and St Jean Beach are free spirited, but some other beaches aren`t.


If you have a passion for fine gastronomy and dining in St. Barthelemy, then you would like the dishesin a modern French style of cuisine. There are a number of contrasting culinary styles from healthy light and fresh food to more traditional French delicatessen. Different areas of the island provide numerous high-quality restaurants where you can taste delicious food.

Yachting in St. Barths (St. Barthelemy, St. Barts)

St. Barthsis also known as Saint Barthélemy which is located in the Caribbean. This island is a part of the Leeward Islands, comprising the French West Indies with Guedeloupe and St. Martin. St. Bartslies 35 kilometers southeast of Saint Martin. Also, Saint Barthélemy is volcanic in origin and has many amazing reefs to explore. Your trip can be started from Gustavia that is the capital with the main harbor.

During your journey on yacht charter, you can visit the surrounding islands of St. Martin, Anguilla, and Dog Island where you will find the most amazing beaches and live corals. Grande Saline Bay is an interesting bay that provides you with a comfortable anchorage for smaller yachts. Saint Jean Baycreates an interesting view because of itsbeautiful narrow cut through the reef.

The Marine Reserve in St. Barths

The Marine Reservein St. Barths was founded in 1999. It covers a total area of one thousand hectares; also, here you will find a zone for scientific experiments. Its topography is rich in coral reefs; for this reason the area has been declared a protected zone and promoted by the Environmental Commission.

22 public beaches

22 of St. Barthélemy beaches are public. 15 of these beaches are suitable for diving and swimming. Each beach is divided into the windward side for windsurfing and the leeward side. Saint Jean beach is a perfect choice for all types of activities. The Lorient Beachhas good shade options, and it is quite long. Grand-cul-de-sac and Ane Tony are other prominent beaches, where a number of luxury super yachts are moored off during winter.

Whale and Turtle Watching Tours

If you want to see marine life in the Caribbean, then the best way is seeing it from the decks of a charter yacht. Also, there are interesting whale and turtle tours where you can seethewhales and dolphins in close proximity. The interior areas of Saint Barthsconsist of interesting places such as Morne Vitet that is the highest peak on the island with a spectacular view from the top.

Saint Barthsattracts more than 200,000 visitors every year. Here you can chose one of the 25 hotels or take the Saint Barths yacht tour on the New Year's Eve. This island is a party zonewith loads of eating, music, and dancing.

The nature trails in Saint Barths are abounded by the teeming varieties of fauna and flora. Palm trees, sea grapes, and many varieties of cacti are commonly seen here. Of course, there are many terrestrial animals such as mongoose, rats, and snakes.

St. Barthelemy is a luxury yacht playground, which attracts the rich and famous. And the island is large enough for finding your own serenity and exploring its first class sailing and beautiful natural wonders.