Sweden (SWE)

Sweden yacht charter: rent a boat in Sweden

Sweden yacht charter is a magnet for crewed luxury yachts and large yachts because it has many landmarks and beautiful views. Nordic countries are the point of destination for many yacht charter enthusiasts and sailors when they are looking for a new place for their Scandinavian holiday. Sweden is bordered by Norway on the west and by Finland on the north and east and boasts a number of popular attractions and sailing possibilities.

Spending holiday in Sweden will leave an indelible impression in your heart with the cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmo. Sweden is an attractive place for tourists, because of its Volvos, Vikings, famed nocturnal sun, snowbound wintry conditions, meatballs, and herring. 

Yacht Charter Vacation in Sweden 

Fun activities and exciting surprises are what you will experience and enjoy when you spend your vacation in Sweden. Wonderful waterways in this Scandinavian country make yacht charters in Sweden very interesting. While on a walk through the picturesque corners of Sweden you may see rune stones, old king’s burial grounds and graves in the form of ancient sea vessels.

Sweden provides easy access to several attractions on the Baltic coast because this country is the primary maritime hub. The number of super yachts and large luxury yachts visiting Northern Europe and Sweden is increasing every year. 

Attractions in Sweden

Picturesque yacht charter destinations in the atmospheric Nordic country include the Bohuslan region and Stockholm archipelago, which is the largest in the world. Premier tourist spots are Nykoping and Marsand, where you can get a unique experience of living in a typical fishing village. 

Your holiday on a charter yacht in Sweden will be a harmonious combination of the aura of modernity of contemporary cities and the charm of old towns. Gothenburg is a great holiday destination for a charter yacht and is the 2nd biggest city in Sweden. This city is famous for a variety of sightseeing choices, shopping opportunities, and dining treats. A short stop in Stockholm should include a visit to the Gamla Stan and the famed T-Centralen.

Sweden yacht charter is an amazing experience because it is the perfect place to enjoy your yacht rental holiday.