French Polynesia (PYF)

Tahity Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Tahity, French Polynesia

Tahity yacht charters

Located between Australia and South America, French Polynesia is comprised of one hundred eighteen islands in the Gambier, Marquesas, Tuamotu, Society, and Austral archipelagos spread out in a region as large as Europe.

Papeete is the capital of Tahiti. Within the Society group are Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine, and Bora-Bora, the pearls of the exotic cruising are as of a Tahiti sailing journey. The islands are known as the Leewards because they are downwind from Tahiti. The mountainous heights are jutting from the sea, standing proudly upon the ruminants of ancient volcanoes, whose crates have eroded into nothingness under the inevitable test of time. Encircling barrier reefs erect intricate formations which create the perfect habitat for turtles, porpoises, sharks, dolphins, colorful soft and hard corals, and more than five hundred species of fish, which makes the Tahitian Leewards the perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling. Waters ports, island tours, resorts, fine dining, and archaeological sites are just a small part of the amusements that can be enjoyed on a yacht charter in Tahiti.

Cruising in Tahiti

A sailing vacation in Tahiti offers easterly trade winds that average between fifteen and twenty knots throughout the year, so you will have a spirited sailing on open expanse of water and comforting sailing in the calm deep waters behind the reefs. Paving the route through the reefs, it is important to build a course, taking into account the strength and direction of the winds. The tides are not substantial, which makes it possible to cruse the yacht without hindrance near the reefs except for the very narrow spaces. A yacht charter in Tahiti is safe due to the large number of experienced sailors with skills in coastal navigation. The unique and beautiful character of these waters attracts both fair-weather sailor and hardened sea dogs who are looking for new adventures. Year-round temperature is from 78°F to 80°F.

Special places in Tahiti

Although Raiatea, Tahaa, Huahine, and Bora-Boraare neighbors, each of them has its own special ambience. Naturally, the beauty of the South Pacific is a common feature. The motus, beaches, and exquisite reefs are too. Nevertheless, on one island the stress is made on the pristine nature, and another is catering to the chic. While on another one the handiwork of local craftsmen or the veneration of ancient temples will certainly be of interest. Together, the 4 treasures of Leewards are an amazing cruising ground for an unforgettable Tahiti sailing vacation.