Estonia (EST)

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Due to the fact that Estonia lies just south of Finland, it has long light summers and snowy winters. The country occupies approximately the same area as the Netherlands and has a population of around 1.4m people. Estonia's capital, Tallinn, is about 50 miles or 80km south of Helsinki. Sweden is Estonia's western neighbor. Latvia lies to the south, Russia to the east.

Ancient seacoast capital of Estonia exudes a sense of romance of the past, being a completely preserved medieval city in Europe, a jewel of the UNESCO World Heritage List that is ready to awe travelers from all over the world. An atmosphere of mystery still envelops the cobbled courtyards, the winding alleys with original merchant's houses, warehouses, barns, state buildings, and medieval churches.

However, Tallinn, released from the Soviet yoke, appears to be something more than a city of the Dark Ages. While preserving its history, the city meets the highest standards of modern European capitals. The best reflection of this fact is at the Tallinn Technology and Science Centre, the Tallinn's show case for the sciences and arts. Public transport is efficient and modern; the nightlife varies from pool halls and cigar bars to nightclubs. Also, dining out is a great choice, from take-away Chinese and pizza to traditional Estonian and formal French Cuisine.

In Tallinn, you may visit the major port of the country. Tallinn is a city of old grey towers topped with reddish-brown tiles, of stone stairs right beneath arching gateways with towering ramparts, cobbled pavement, and narrow winding streets.