Trogir yacht charter: rent a boat in Trogir, Croatia

Trogir is a town of significant historical importance on the shore of the Mediterranean sea in Croatia, a fine example of authentic cultural heritage. The medieval architecture in this area is preserved in great condition; it makes the area a prime tourist attraction site and a destination point for many yacht enthusiasts from around the world.

If you want to visit Croatia on your holiday trip, a Trogir Yacht Charter tour is your best choice to get acquainted with the culture, the resorts and the people. The beaches of the Mediterranean with white sand and crystal clear water are a natural wonder that attract travelers from Europe, America and other parts of the world alike. Without visiting Trogir your journey to this beautiful country won’t be complete; it will be missing a finishing touch, a special icing on top of a delicious cake. A trip in the comfort of the superyacht makes the experience unforgettable, a life lasting memory for you and your loved ones .

Trogir is one of the most popular routes for people who are passionate about yachts because it offers so many activities and has all the necessary infrastructure for the vessels. You will find rambling night life, food outlets and historical monuments in the area as well as space for yacht journeys and opportunities for sightseeing. If you want to dive deep into action or have a calm evening with a relaxing view on a beautiful landscape, you will find both in the same area on the shores and in the waters of the Mediterranean.

Medieval Experience in a Modern way

While the Croatian shores are most certainly rich in archeological findings and structures dating back to Medieval ages, Trogir stands out thanks to its location. This town lies on a popular charter route along the Dalmatian coast that offers an immersive historical experience for travelers eager to find out more about the routes of European culture.

Among the diverse points of interest you’ll find the churches, cathedrals as well as castles and forts that maintain their original exterior and give you a glimpse of what advanced civil and military engineering could produce several centuries ago. These places were spots of significant cultural, social and political importance and some of them are still functional today.

While the local authorities value the historical heritage, they also understand the importance of comfort for people who come to Trogir for their vacation. This means that the historical parts of the town have numerous shops, restaurants and everything else a tourist might need to have a perfect day. It doesn’t spoil the authentic immersive feeling in any way; the modern and classic are carefully put together in a harmonic way. You will every necessary ingredient of a holiday trip in one place. The narrow streets and the sturdy stone walls erected in the 15th century still keep their secrets; will you be able to discover them for yourself?

Delicious Treats and Beautiful Nightlife of Trogir

While the historical sites are the town’s marvelous jewels, Trogir can offer so much more. Aside from architecture and spots of cultural importance, the area also contains a range of other tourist attractions – romantic beaches, famous night clubs and of course the restaurants with fine Croatian cuisine. 

Every gourmet critic will find something to admire in the local food outlets. The treats include a wide range of meals that are based on fresh seafood or meat. They are grilled with authentic sauces that you’ll find only on the shores of the Mediterranean. The restaurants are located throughout the town – both in its historical part and along the coast. Enjoying a glass of wine with a sight on the waterfront may be a once in a lifetime experience; don’t miss the opportunity!

Last, but not least, Trogir also boasts roaring nightlife and a lot of opportunities for tourists who are eager to spend their holiday in action. While the contrast of historical experience and modern recreational activities  may seem bizarre at first, the town has two sides that co-exist in harmony and complement each other. This is a place that offers unique holiday opportunities for a yacht charter holiday, a place you should certainly visit at least once aboard a luxury vessel.

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