Turkey yacht charter: rent a boat in Turkey

If you are a dedicated fan of sailing, Turkey has a lot to offer. Coastline beaches set in magnificent sceneries attract tourists from around the world; as an icing atop a beautiful cake, you get to see a range of historical sites. Marmaris is a place you would want to start with if you are a fan of ‘traditional’ Turkey in its classic beauty. Have you ever been to a bazaar? That’s an experience worth sharing with your friends and family. And of course, beautiful bays of the Mediterranean Sea wait for you for daily trips – why would you miss on such a great opportunity?

Another point of interest in the area is the famous Adakoy Marina – a beautiful bay not far from Marmaris. What is so special about this particular place? It is very quite and calm – if you are looking for tranquility, this is your sure bet. No thundering music, no loud events going on at any given time of the day. Of course, Adakoy has all the necessary infrastructure for quality vacation – the restaurants, grocery stores along with a gym and two swimming pools are at your disposal (not to mention electricity and water supplies).

If you’ve come to sail in Turkey, you’ve got a lot of options and a myriad of routes to choose from. The center of tourist attraction lies between Bodrum and Kas where you can arrange short cruises between adjacent areas or long range trips to enjoy the sailing experience at its finest. Have you ever seen Turkish resorts at night? It’s definitely worth seeing at least once in a lifetime.

One of the main features of sailing holidays Turkey offers is the flexibility that the tourists enjoy. Plan your own route and change it according to your interests at any given time. Are you looking for some wild nightlife adventures? Sail to the nearest busy harbor and turn up the heat! Is it a calm evening with a glass of finest wine and a beautiful view of mountain tops that you wish for? Set sails and enjoy your evening. 

A thing to bear in mind is the yacht skipper in Turkey is required by law to have a license from local authorities or an international document – such as those issued by ICC. The reason behind it is that the chartered yacht is a potential source of danger and certain qualification is needed to handle it properly and avoid injury to passengers, transport and any third party that might be involved in an accident.

It is not common for tourists to have a skipper license, thus there are two opportunities. First, you can simply hire professional personnel to do the job for you. The cost is affordable and it is by far the easiest way to get things going. You can also attend courses and try to master the craft, but it takes time and effort. Companies that provide this kind of service insist that it is a stress free experience, but trying to achieve qualification may put some pressure on participants.

Spending your holiday on a yacht cruise in Turkey is a refreshing experience – exactly what you need to take a brief relieve from the routine. Plan your trip today and enjoy the ride on the Mediterranean waves!

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