Venezuela (VEN)

Venezuela Yacht Charter: Rent a Boat in Venezuela

Yacht Charters in Venezuela

Venezuela is adjacent to the Caribbean Sea and is between Guyana and Colombia. With more than two thousand kilometers of coasts, Venezuela with its archipelagos has many secret spots with coconut palms, white sandy beaches, and a beautiful underwater world that has 500 species of fish and few different coral types.

Requirements for chartering a yacht in Venezuela:

  • The physical presenceof a Venezuelan “marineros” onboard
  • The yacht should be officially recognized by the Venezuelan authorities

The only way of exploring the Venezuelan archipelagos and the coastson a yacht without “mariners” is by boarding in a different country. This means that you can board at Grenada or Martinique. Venezuela isn`t as well-charted as the eastern Caribbean. Because of this, we recommend having a crew onboard.

Marina & Starting Bases

There are several main island groups and 2 main bases for exploring the northern shore of the country.

The best sailing areas:

  • Puerto la Crus. The eastern part of the northern coast of Venezuela is the main center for yachting. You can easily reach the Barcelona Airport from Caracas or Margarita because the airport is twenty minutes away from Puerto la Crus. There are over six marinas with all the services onboard. The offshore and coastislands constitute the Mochima National Park, so Puerto la Crus is perfect for starting your inland excursions.La Tortuga, La Blanquilla, Margarita,Los Testigos, and Mochima National Park are the best sailing are as from PLC to Grenada
  • Los Roques. To reach the archipelago you need a 30 min flight from theairport of Caracas to the airport of Gran Roque. Gran Roque are the unique inhabited islands in the western part of the offshore islands; the cruising area includes Las Aves archipelago and Los Roques
  • Grenada fleet to Venezuela. Grenada is a place with the rich variety of yachts for preparing your cruise without or with a crew. Also, it is the nearest base for renting yacht from Venezuela. All locals are helpful and sympatric. On the coast of Venezuela, you can find a succession of different coves and islands. Margarita is the capital of nightlife and duty-free. As a marine reserve, Grenada has an abundant and varied fauna that makes diving a real pleasure. The large reef will protect you from the waves of the open sea while fishing. During a long trip, you will experience sympathy of the inhabitants, desert moorings, fly and spear fishing, guided tours and excursions inside the country (the Angel Falls and Canaima Park, snowed-covered mountains, desert landscape, and tropical rainforest)